Paraguay: Guerrilla frees young kidnapped mennonite

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News /  February 26, 2017

Frans Wiebe after being released, with his family
Past Saturday the guerrilla group Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP) released the young mennonite Franz Wiebe of 18 years old, after the mennonite family complied with the supply delivery to farmer communities and a day before the term announced by the guerrilla for his return was completed.

Wiebe was released at the “Toro Veve” residency, located approximately 20 kilometers from where he was abducted  in July 2016, informed to EFE the Lieutenant Colonel Victor Urdapilleta, spokesman of the Common Task Force (FTC), created to fight guerrillas.

Wiebe, who reached the legal age in captivity, walked to the center of the Inn where personnel working there facilitated him a telephone to call his family, who also informed the FTC.

Urdapilleta confirmed that Wiebe “is doing well”, and that he was currently being checked by a physician at his house to evaluate his physical health status. Besides the young man is receiving psychological counseling.

FTC’s spokesman discarded the possibility of taking a declaration for the district attorney in the next hours, since “the priority is to preserve the family’s intimacy, in this happy moment for them” he said.

He added that Wiebe’s liberation was produced one day sooner that the expected according to the guerrilla statements. This lapsus was communicated last Tuesday (February 21), in which the EPP demanded to the young mennonite’s family the delivery of supplies for a value of 50.000 dollars towards two different farmer communities in exchange for his freedom.

The statement was found by the FTC along a video in which Wiebe appeared in a forest area, surrounded by EPP members who stated that the delivery was to be made in the Antebi Cue and Jasy Kañy communities.

After receiving the instructions, Wiebe’s relatives completed the delivery past Tuesday.

By the end of January, the relatives had also delivered supplies, also by the command of the EPP, in the Antebi Cué and Guahory communities, whose members rejected the donations in repudiation to the EPP’s practices.

The EPP has another 2 prisoners. A mennonite colonist, Abraham Fehr, that is in captivity for over a year, and for which the EPP demands the payment of 500.000 dollars for his release. The other prisoner is the non-commissioned officer of the Police, Edelio Moríngio, who is a prisoner for over 2 years now, and in exchange for his freedom the EPP demanded the freedom of fellow guerrilla members which the government did not accept.

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