We are Missing Chávez by Carlos Aznárez

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By: Carlos Aznárez / Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / March 4, 2017


With all due respect, after four years since your untimely death comrade Hugo Chavez Frias, I want to talk to you without protocols or formalities like you always did with your mischievous laughter and smile.

We miss you, Commander, for your adherence in addressing your (our) enemies, to whom you targeted with endless determination. To all of them you exposed their brutality and greed day in and day out.

We miss that while we were swimming in a sea of political mediocrity you rose up on that glorious day to clearly denounce the contradictions of the United Nations that still smelled from the sulfur of Bush and his genocidal crimes. Who can deny that with that you generated a total global sympathy amongst those who were the victims of those crimes against humanity? We remember when you furiously attacked the corrupt bureaucrats and pimps who were trying to seduce you with compliments. You put them in their place by always listening to the voice of the people.

You did not turn away either from reporting on the multinational predators, or the paramilitaries who killed social leaders in Colombia, Mexico or Honduras, knowing that the war against freedom fighters extends (as is happening right now) to many countries of Latin America.

With this same clarity, but also with irony, you were able to see the future that would later be unleashed against the people of Argentina, when you confronted Mauricio Macri in a TV program in August 2003, during your visit to Buenos Aires. You smashed him by appealing to revolutionary concepts and political ideas, exposing him to ridicule and rendering him silent. You put the icing on the cake, and for the enjoyment of the thousands of viewers who followed the program, when you turned and looked into Macri’s eyes and said, “Anyone who wants to get along with God and with the devil goes mad”.

We miss you, compañero Hugo Chávez, because you knew how to raise the morale of your people to the maximum. You guided them along the path of the Liberators and showed them in a pedagogical manner that the bronze statues where Bolivar and others like him are locked was not anything other than a jail to hide their ideas of emancipation.

I would be remiss not to mention your skills as a communicator. You always used all means at your disposal to educate and raise awareness to those who had been previously excluded from the benefits and the distribution of wealth. Or your loyalty, friendship, affection, respect and admiration “now and forever” with the legendary leader of the Cuban Revolution that began with your visit to Havana back in 1994. To the delight of Fidel and the Cuban people you told them that you would return triumphant and you did not disappoint.

You insisted that against the terror of the oligarchy, as expressed by Zamora, the unity of the people and the Bolivarian Armed Forces would make the revolution indestructible. You did not give up even a bit to the pressure of the opposition and whenever you confronted them at the polls you crushed them with the goal of building a participatory democracy that would not ever return to the times of the Fourth Republic.

How could we not miss your foreign policy, Commander, the one you generated in the integrated formations of ALBA, UNASUR and CELAC? These bodies of regional progress were born in the heat of your commitment to the Patria Grande, from the hand of Fidel and with the determined support of all the processes that grew under the Bolivarian and anti-imperialist drive. With your help the word socialism returned to assert itself as a goal to achieve and you worked hard to explain that it was the only theoretical tool and practice that could bury capitalism.

Within days of the National Strike of Women, we cannot forget either your preaching in favor of their rights that made you become the first feminist President on the continent. Not for opportunist reasons, as often is currently practiced by some officials, but by conviction of believing that women have become the rebel vanguard of this period.

We cannot forget that all you built for your people remains under the current leadership of Nicolas Maduro, who you chose in the final moments of your life. But it is also true that there is still much to do and that a Revolution that does not remain radicalized loses its content. It is not a prophecy but it emerges as a slogan from the heart of the brave Bolivarian people. You witnessed in your time the weaknesses and mistakes of some governments which praised you under the singsong of progressivism, but were unwilling to take the steps necessary to be like you, and ended up in a tangled mess of “human” capitalism with all its destructive capacity.

These are complicated times that we find ourselves in Commander. Above all else is the advance of the regional right with all its idiosyncrasies of racism, exclusion and predatory and murderous ways (these same days we are remembering Berta Cáceres too). In the face of this reaction it is your legacy, your youthful style of putting a stop to the Empire, and it disciples, that continues influencing the mood and self-esteem of those who are committed from below and to the left in advancing the road to revolution and Socialism.

We miss you, Comrade Hugo Chavez Frias, and remember each and every one of your lessons to help us continue struggling for a society where we all will fit.


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