The Political Parties of Mexico Group in Two Positions: The Right and The Center-Left

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By: Pedro Echeverría / Source: / The Dawn News / March 4, 2017


  1. During its administration, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has managed to unite other satellite political parties, like the PAN, PRD, the Green Party, New Alliance and Social Encounter, by distributing huge amounts of money and political seats. These six parties are right-wing and opportunistic, but only the first the have a political history—the other ones were created by the government itself in order to play the role of lap dogs. How much public money are we spending on them?
  2. The parties Citizen Movement (MC), Worker’s Party (PT) and Morena (created and lead by López Obrador), which are Center-Left, became a true opposition in just a few months. Therefore, in the upcoming ‘State elections’, as they call them, and the 2018 presidential elections, there will be only two choices: the recalcitrant right that leads the government (PRI, PAN and PRD) and the center-left represented by of MC, PT and Morena.
  3. There are still a few months to present new parties and present candidates, but the current alliances have one clear pattern. When Peña took office he ordered to sign a “Pact for Mexico” between the PRI, the PAN and the PRD, to ensure the implementation of “structural reforms”. The PRI, since its inception in 1929 until 1982, was a center party, slightly inclined to the right; while the PAN has defined itself as conservative, Catholic and right-wing since 1939; and the PRD was born in 1989 as a center-left Party.
  4. Since 1982, with the implementation of neoliberalism, the PRI has partnered wholly with the PAN, shifting to the right; the PAN even denounced that the PRI was stealing its plan of privatizing lands, trains and banks. Presidents De la Madrid and Salinas, of the PRI, ruled with the PAN’s full support. As of that moment, PRI and PAN became the same, and a new, centrist current grew within the PRI, which rejected the right-wing turn of the party. That’s how the PRD emerged, with many other supposedly left-wing parties.
  5. In less than ten years, that PRD began to become corrupt because the only thing that leaders did was demanding money and political seats, bargaining with the government and asking for funds Internal corruption hugely spread with the help of the government. The first campaign of Cárdenas in 1989 was widely supported; six years after that their popularity fell and by the year 2000, the PRD appeared to be totally finished. Since then, the PRD became indistinguishable from the PRI or the PAN; but, since the PAN governments and the ascent of the called “chuchos and their friends”, it became trash.
  6. In 2004, López Obrador began building —while still in the PRD—what today is the Social Regeneration Movement or MORENA, and the PT and MC parties have followed the project very closely; however, governments have put up several obstacles between them to avoid a closer contact between those parties. In the last elections, for example, they tried to punish the PT by removing its license  on accounts of an alleged lack of votes, but they didn’t succeed in doing so. Also, MC has begun to show some differences with MORENA. The alliances are yet to be formalised, but this is how they look.
  7. Today, as in the two previous presidential campaigns, López Obrador is ahead in the polls; but this does not mean anything, since the important events will occur in January/February of 2018, when the rich politicians and businessmen waste all their money on their preferred candidate’s campaign to buy all the votes they need. Today, Peña Nieto declared that his party (PRI) will remain a permanent allied of Veracruz (PAN)—we are familiarized with the Peña Nieto-Funes alliance and it will work against López Obrador.
  8. I have never voted, but I also never have stopped following political affairs and supporting the struggle of workers. I ask myself: Why is Peña Nieto so happy today as to describe as as an “historical moment” the signing of a contract between Pemex and the Australian BHP Billiton to explore and extract hydrocarbures in the Trion Bloc? An estimated 11 billion dollars will be invested to explore and to extract in the area of the Mexican Gulf around 100 thousand barrels a day. What do the Mexican parties have to say about his?
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