Al-Qaeda wins its first Oscar

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Source: Misión Verdad / The Dawn News / February 27, 2017

The short documental awarded by Hollywood was produced by Netflix and directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel. The piece was used to promote the nomination of the Syrian Helmets to the Nobel Peace Prize last year.

These NGO of alleged rescuers at Syrian conflict zones was created in 2013 at Turkey by James Le mesurier, former British high rank official and UN representative during the Bosnian and Kosovo Wars. Le Mesurier also was part of the military contractors Olive Security and Good Harbour International. The first ones is related to Blackwater (or Academi nowadays), famous for their massacres against civilian people at Iraq. The second was directed by Richard Clark, former security consultant of George W. Bush.

But, despite its creator’s record, a fact that steps upon the myth that they are “a group of humble and highly committed people, that are among the sweeter and nicer characters you could ever find”, as the director of the documental said, one of their leaders, Raed Al-Saleh, had his entrance to the United States rejected, as it was explained at the time by the State Department’s spokesman, Mike Tonner. He was returned to Istanbul when his entrance was denied.

The same happened to Khaled khatib, the group’s photographer, when he wanted to attend the Oscar’s ceremony. This time the National Security Department argued that the entrance prohibition was based upon the “negative information” that they have found on his person.

It is not strange for the U.S. to have restrains at the moment of letting in people linked to terrorits groups at Syria. Nor, along with Great Britain, that it finances the group to realize propaganda against the Syrian State with the purpose to criminalize it. This contradictory behaviour is normal in the bipolar thought of Washington’s officials.

However, this so called rescuers do not hide their sympathy for Jabhat Fahet al-Sham (Al-Qaeda’s Syrian name). They also do not hide their celebrations when this terrorist organization or the Islamic State takes a city, participating in executions perpetrated by the armed jihadists, like we can see in the following pictures:

imagen1 imagen2Their involvement is so deep inside the conflict in favour of terrorism, that they even show dead Syrian soldiers like war trophies:

The White Helmets also took part in the staged rescue of the Syrian boy, Omran Dagneesh, in September 2016, who was used for a viral propaganda operation in order to manipulate the public opinion in regard of the alleged bombings by Russian and Bashar Al-Assad against the Syrian civil population, in a clear demonstration of publicitary morbosity. The portal Moon Of Alabama, and two investigations of Mision Verdad (Mission to the Truth), have revealed how this NGO produces false positives and stages situations in which the Syrian Army and its allies realize alleged human rights violations to favour Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.


The White Helmets act on zones taken by the “moderate rebels” and Al-Qaeda’s militants, showing who they really work for. They orchestrated rescues and previously prepared have a significant military function: to sensibilize the public opinion so that the Syrian army and its allies have to stop their bombings so Al-Qaeda can retreat and protect from casualties. They are their press and propaganda office.   

Their Hollywood premiation is a nod of the financial elite (and of their publicity machine, Hollywood) to the terrorism at Syria. They thrust their image, they legitimate before the public opinion and try to shield this NGO credibility, vital to create anti Syrian and anti Russian propaganda in a key moment of the conflict. More than a consolation prize is a frontal support to the murderers of the Syrian nation, a call to continue the war.

Su premiación en los Oscar es un espaldarazo de la élite financiera (y su aparato de publicidad política, Hollywood) al terrorismo en Siria. Impulsan su imagen, lo relegitiman ante la opinión pública e intentan blindar la credibilidad de esta ONG vital para generar propaganda humanitaria anti-siria y anti-rusa en un momento clave del conflicto. Más que un premio de consolación es un apoyo frontal a los asesinos de la nación siria, un llamado a que la guerra continue.


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