The Dark Story Behind the White Helmets

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By: Pablo A. Jofré Leal / The Dawn News / March 14, 2017


The ceremony of the Academy Awards in the United States —better known as the Oscars— showed the power western public relations agency have and their strong ties to political power.

This is proven by the awarding of the most famous figurine of US cinematographic culture to the story ‘White Helmets’ in the category Best Documentary (Short Subject). This same video was used for the White Helmets organization to apply for the Nobel Peace Prize last year.

In the documentary, the White Helmets are presented as an organization made up of anonymous heroes who purportedly help rescue their compatriots from under the debris after bombings of the ‘bad’ Syrian Arab Army and Russia’s aircraft in areas controlled by Fath Al Sham—Al Qaeda’s subsidiary in Syria—and other armed organizations deemed by the US and its allies as ‘moderate rebels’.

Thanks to this documentary, directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel and produced by Netflix, the White Helmets have had a massive amount of propaganda: it was seen by 33 million of people in the United States and around 300 million around the world.

"Apparently the photographer of that “iconic picture that couldn´t hold his tears when seeing that injured child”, likes to hang out with the same group that beheaded a Palestinian child weeks earlier, note the shirt". Source:
“Apparently the photographer of that “iconic picture that couldn´t hold his tears when seeing that injured child”, likes to hang out with the same group that beheaded a Palestinian child weeks earlier, note the shirt”. Source:

To award an organization like the White Helmets, whose origins and acting have been questioned by their financing, their acting against the true Syrian Civil Defense (which operates throughout the country and not only in the areas dominated by takfiri groups), is clearly an attempt to whitewash their image to the Western audience, to immunize it against the critics it has received and to demonize the Syrian government and the military support provided by Russia to defend the country against the invasion. And while they are at it, to criticize the support provided by Iran and the Hezbollah militia. That’s the bottomline: it’s a propaganda campaign to glamorize the actual murderers of the Syrian population with the complicity of the Salaafist groups on whose territories they operate.

The White Helmets have been denounced in numerous opportunities for staging rescue missions—most famously in the viral propaganda video that showed a Syrian boy named Omran Daqneesh covered in ashes, sitting on an ambulance seat—. It’s not a coincidence that they are able to operate precisely in the places dominated by the takfiri organizations, who murder Syrian soldiers, even in gestures and actions of clear complicity.

They intend to show the world a fake scenario where the Syrian government constantly bombs civilians, and align the public behind the opinion that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies must stop, to allow the forces of the Fath al Sham to reaccommodate and condemn Assad’s government in the media, and in international political organisms. Thus, the White Helmets are a tool for public relations to whitewash terrorism.

Foreign Origin

Contrary to one might believe, the White Helmets weren’t created in Syria. They were founded on Turkish territory, specifically in Istanbul, in March 2013, under the tutelage of a former British military with vast experience in aggression wars in Serbia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine—allied with the Zionist forces. He occupied seats of command in the Foreign Relations Ministry of Great Britain, the European Union and even the UN. His name is James Le Mesurier, a former official that in March 2013 was working as an adviser for a private security company in the United Arab Emirates. Members of the White Helmet organization also went through Training Camps in Jordan, which proves that the alleged rescue missions are just a cover for higher-order objectives, in coordination with the takfiri terrorist groups.

The White Helmets are linked to several public and private organizations, which have meant that, from 2013 to this day, they have received no less than 60 million dollars from London, according to data published by the Daily Telegraph. This makes the UK the main benefactor of this entity, and proves the high level of involvement of former Prime Minister David Cameron and current Prime MInister Theresa May in the aggression wars against the peoples of the Middle East.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which has been involved in every conspiracy to promote US-friendly coups around the world (even the one in Ukraine, which brought ultra-nationalists to power), reported giving 16 million dollars to the White Helmets up to 2015. Do US citizens know their taxes go to fund these sort of entities, and what they really do? Of course not, since PR agencies and propaganda like the Oscars help cover up these operations.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, apart from delivering funds and providing paramilitary training through the MI6, organized by Le Mesurier, has put a company called InCoStrat in charge of communication and propaganda not only of the White Helmets, but also of the takfiri groups that are operating in Syria and Iraq. This adds to the financial help it receives from Mayday Rescue, which is based in Amsterdam and has offices in Jordan, Turkey and Dubai—all of them involved in operations against the Syrian government—, US private foundation Chemonics International, Turkish NGO Akut, the Analysis, Research and Knowledge Agency which operates from the United Arab Emirates, the Israeli Mossad and the Zionist agents that act along the Middle East front.

This goes to show that the White Helmets have effectively disguised the true nature of their work, but that they are a weapon against the Syrian society. By presenting them as a humanitarian front through propaganda tactics, they blur the reality of the bloody war that is being waged on Syria and its people, and argue that the chaos and murder is due to a civil war.

A couple of months ago, Russian media like RT denounced that the White Helmet’s website belongs to The Syria Campaign, a UK-based group of lawyers that has repeatedly expressed its active opposition to the government of Bashar al Assad and Daesh. On their website, they state that their two main lines of action are: designing of worldwide propaganda campaigns and generating reports, infographics and videos. Many of those visual creations with high impact in the media are later disproved by evidence—for example, the allegations that Russian and Syrian forces are bombarding civilians, which are reproduced by Western media.


White Helmets and their Obscure Behavior

The White Helmets are inscribed in the series of facade organisms created by Western powers, like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which specializes in the delivery of (mis)information so detailed that not even the Syrian government’s own forces fighting in the area could possibly know about. But this curious observatory’s only headquarters are located in Coventry, UK, and the man leading it has been described by The Guardian as a simple clothes shop owner who lives in England.

“That name, the “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights”, sound so grand, so unimpeachable, so objective. And yet when Abdulrahman and his “Britain-based NGO” (AFP/NOW Lebanon) are the sole source for so many news stories about such an important subject, it would seem reasonable to submit this body to a little more scrutiny than it’s had to date”. (Source: The Guardian)

Both the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the White Helmets are aligned with the goals set by an organism created by the British government to supervise all of the propaganda and communication against Syria. This organism is called RICU—Research, Information and Communications Unit—founded in 2012, founded in 2012, which has infiltrated, as revealed by a very interesting investigation by analyst Thierry Meyssan, ‘all kinds of humanitarian associations to pick up information, send weapons to Syria and fabricate falsehoods about what’s going on there’.

Paradoxically, while the US funds the White Helmets and awards them Oscar prizes to promote them as human rights but then doesn’t allow their most prominent members, Raed Saleh and Khaled Khatib, to enter its territory due their status as members of terrorist organizations. Western media such as the France Press Agency disguised this as a matter of professional priorities and not due to links to terrorism, quoting Khaled as saying: ‘I won’t attend the Oscars due to the intensity of work. Our priority is helping our people. Besides, I’m working on the production of other films about the White Helmets,’ proving that the money won’t stop flowing towards these groups and their propaganda apparatuses.

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