Organizations from all the Region fight for a free and sovereign Haiti, without occupation troops

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Source: ALBA movimientos / The Dawn News / March 15, 2017

Popular organizations, social movements and networks, Latin American and Caribbean politics launched today a Haitian Solidarity Week, that began with the delivery of a request letter that claims the total retreat of the troops that occupy the country, and for the closure of the UN’s Mission for the Haitian Stabilization (MINUSTAH). It also highlights the obligation of the UN to repair the violations and crimes committed, including the implementation of a system to grant the right of universal access to drinkable water, after the lethal introduction of cholera.

The missive carries the signature of referents like Nobel Peace Prize, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, and the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Mirta Baravalle and Nora Cortiñas, along with hundreds of entities like the Jubileo Sur/Americas network, the Americas Syndical Confederation, the World’s Syndical Federation, the Observatory of the School of the Americas, Latin American and Caribbean Friends of the Land, the ALBA social movements, the Assembly of Caribbean People, the Inter American Platform of Human Rights, Democracy and Development, among others of regional renown.

“It is time for Latin American and Caribbean governments in particular, and for the international community in general, to recognize that the MINUSTAH is not the answer that Haiti need”, states the letter. It quotes among other flaws: “The failure of the electoral process that concluded with the participation of less than 21% of the electorate, with questionable results and the installation of several candidates denounced because of their vinculation with diverse criminal activities, reveals the continuance of the  legitimacy crisis of the State and its institutions, which resolution was the objective of the mission”.

The signatories reject the affirmation that Haiti is a threat for the hemispherical security, like it has been said to justify the illegal military occupation of the country. On the contrary, in solidarity with the Haitian organizations, they point out that “ the presence of the MINUSTAH has signified a terrible insult to the dignity and capacity og the Haitian people, to the exercise of their sovereignty, to the respect of their human rights, and to their capacity into taking decisions about the natural and common goods that guarantee their survival and well living”.

During the Solidarity week from March 15 to March 22, the signing entities will present their claims to the governments, parliaments and institutions of regional integration and to the UN’s representatives. Meanwhile, in New York, the recommendations of the new General Secretary of the UN in regard of the future of the MINUSTAH are being thought before going public, and some countries, like Chile and Uruguay, have already announced their retirement intention whatever decision the Security Council makes.

March 15, 2017

Continental Campaign for a Free and Sovereign Haiti

Full Letter:

For the retirement of the occupation troops at Haiti

2004  –  2017

For a Free and Sovereign Haiti!

No more Occupation!

MINUSTAH, get out of Haiti!

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