Paraguay revolts against its political leadership. By Carlos Aznárez

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By: Carlos Aznárez / The Dawn News / April 1, 2017

What on Earth could Fernando Lugo and his senators be thinking when they held several meetings with those who just yesterday were their mortal enemies? Did they think that this would be tolerated by the Paraguayan people without a reaction? Is the former President (who, until then, the polls favored) so blinded by power that he didn’t see the red line he wasn’t supposed to cross?

These and other questions arise after Lugo’s treacherous deal with Horacio Cartes and his right-wing gang to allow them both to present their candidacies to the presidency. No other than Cartes: the man responsible for turning Paraguay into a neo-colony where spokespeople of the US, Israel and even the UK dictate the decisions of the government. The man who has militarized the peasant North and uses high-security prisons as treatment for anyone who rebels.

The 25 Senators of Lugo’s Guasú Front  that attended the unofficial vote (violating the already useless Constitution), did it behind closed doors but didn’t refuse to publish a pathetic photograph where they can be seen voting for their amend proposal to enable reelection, which according to them would mean it is approved.

Apparently, they thought the Paraguayan people would celebrate singing and dancing. Well, they misread the political climate, since Paraguayans took a slightly different route and went with trying to burn down the Congress.

As in previous crucial moments, Lugo had remained out of the public eye and decided to operate from behind the scenes, while his partner Cartes had assumed everything would be a piece of pie and reelection was only an illegitimate Constitutional amend away.

However, the strong and insubordinate Paraguayan people (the nation of Francisco Solano López, Gaspar de Francia and many martyrs that were murdered to silence their insurgent hearts) decided they had enough of corrupt politicians and took to the streets en masse, to tell those above they’re fed up with them.

It began two days ago, with the arrival of tens of thousands of peasant men and women who demanded the implementation of the agrarian reform and rejected the illegitimate amend to enable the reelection. Then at least 25 thousand youth of all social sectors went to the center of the capital city to shout out loud to the politicians in power: “Everybody out!”. Everybody leave their seats now: those who mock the common people and hand over the country to the United States. Those who use “democracy” as an empty word as they repress the masses that claim for their rights. Those who sit in the velvet seats of Congress turning their backs on the hungry and the poor. Now the Congress is up in flames, and the message is as clear as can be: this form of bourgeois democracy will not be tolerated any longer.

On the streets, police shot to kill, but the mass was unstoppable and forced the uniformed to back away.

Now Lugo, the mind behind the Anti-terrorist Act, is now exposed as a traitor to the will of the people, who gave him his seat.

Meanwhile, Cartes tries to deny what’s going on and keeps blaming the uprising on ‘a handful of troublemakers’ and the media.

Paraguay’s problem isn’t about the reelection of these neoliberals who have ruined the country, but about changing this bourgeois partisan system that seals deals behind the backs of the people that vote for them. In this country, 90% of the land is owned by 2.5% of the population. That’s why peasants need the agrarian reform, why people want the heads off State to resign and why a new Constitution is an urgent need.

The Paraguayan people have responded to their exploitations and now Paraguay won’t be the same.

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