[Photos inside] In Venezuela, more than three million people mobilized to support Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution + Solidarity Around the World

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / Photo credit: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / April 19, 2017


“I won’t stay at home, to the struggle I go, to defend Chavez and our revolution”—that song resonated all around Caracas, in streets filled of a red sea of people coming down from the peripheries that cover the sides of mountains.

Workers, students, farmers, boys and girls went from the Catia and Sucre Square to the Bolívar Av. There was an estimated amount of three million people, showing their support to the government and their rejection towards the diplomatic attack by the OAS against their sovereignty.

This April 19 marks 107th anniversary of the 1810 revolution, when Caracas became independent from the Spaniards. At the massive march, people danced, sang songs of unity and struggle, and swore to defend their independence: “207 years after defeating the oligarchy, we’ve won again”, Maduro said.

Meanwhile, the opposition had a plan to transform that day of celebration into a day of violence. Sadly, there were three victims of this violence—one of them was a member of the police force. What the international press called “peaceful protesters” of the opposition (much like the “moderate opposition” in Syria), were in fact armed to the teeth.



“They tried to take power by assault today and we defeated them again. We defeated the corrupt, interventionist right.”

The President of Venezuela also denounced Julio Borges (leader of the Justice First party) as one of the main intellectual authors of the coup. “Julio Borges, I’m speaking to you: you won’t take power back, I’m decided to defend my country and my people, and I’m not willing to back away a single inch’.

Maduro also said that the opposition continues to perpetrate violent acts: they burnt metros and libraries, attacked public buildings of the Justice System, made roadblocks and caused chaos. In his public address, the President announced that 30 agitators had been detained and that “the terrorist coup is being dismantled”.

He warned that the opposition is planning to do a national strike to destabilize the government.

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People around the world support Venezuela

In several countries, there were sister demonstrations to support Venezuela and protest the coup attempts and the interference by the OAS and the US.




“Democracy and decent housing! Venezuela must be respected”
“Brazil is with Maduro!”



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“No to interference in Venezuela”

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