Interview with the Syrian Ambassador to Cuba: ‘Our Victory Will be the Biggest Reward for All of Our Suffering’

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By: Carlos Aznárez / Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / April 30, 2017

Carlos Aznárez (left) and Loai Aloja (right)

‘The recently-perpetrated US aggression against Syria and its people is not the first. There have been similar actions for decades’. The words of the Syrian Ambassador to Cuba have the strength and the bluntness of one who knows the land of his ancestors is in danger. In an interview Resumen Latinoamericano, Loai Aloja explained the situation of his country under the invasion of terrorist mercenaries.

He spoke of a people and an army with a deep love for their country, ‘willing to give their lives to stop the aggressors and combat them for all the pain they have caused to men, women and children that just want to live in peace’.

Since 2011, when NATO—led by the US government, and with the war-mongering complicity of Israel—targeted Syria, hundreds of mercenaries entered from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar and the Emirates—but also from Europe, equipped and trained with the money of some of its governments. Nowadays, these European countries are throwing their hands up in horror because the Frankenstein they created is turning on them.

Aloja assessed the losses of the Syrian people over the last few years, and the numbers are devastating: hundreds of thousands of deaths and over a million and a half displaced. These refugees who flee the horrors of war reach (if they’re lucky) countries where they are brutally rejected and discriminated against. This cruelty is being fed by a campaign of lies, victim-blaming and distortion of the facts.

The Syrian ambassador also highlighted the value that President Bashar al-Assad has: since he reached power in Syria, he followed the same anti-imperialist path of the last 30 years. ‘In 2003, Syria rejected Iraq’s occupation by Bush and cooperated with the Iraqi resistance, despite Washington’s threat of occupying the country. In 2005, the US government orchestrated the murder of the Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, and when they were unable to meet their goals in Syria they ordered Israel to launch an attack in June 2006, which resulted in the failure of the plan and the overwhelming victory of the Lebanese resistance of Hezbollah.’

Then came several events where Washington and Tel Aviv increased their level of interference on Syria and showed their support to the internal conspiration and external pressure to overthrow the legitimately-elected government of al-Assad.

‘If the US is truly concerned about democracy, as they say, we ask: are the kings, princes and sheikhs that they support democratic? Is starving the Yemeni people to death and bombing them daily with the pretext of ‘restoring legitimacy’ and ‘democracy’ the will of the Yemeni people?,’ he added.

Back to the missile attack Trump ordered, ambassador Aloja pointed out that ‘in this henchman war, any time the Syrian army scores a victory, lies begin to pop up about alleged chemical weapons. It happened after the liberation of Aleppo, of Palmira, of the cleansing of Homs and the failure of the attacks on Gouta and Hama, and also after the defeats of terrorist groups at the hand of the Resistance’.

‘I ask myself,’ said the ambassador, ‘why would the Syrian army have to use chemical weapons—that it doesn’t own—precisely when it’s winning?’. This proves that the alleged ‘evidence’ provided by the US and its allies, which was used to justify the attacks, ‘was forged by the invading forces that want to overthrow the Syrian government.

Thankful towards all of Syria’s friends ‘who around the world defend our sovereignty and right to self-determination,’ Aloja declared that ‘the level of barbarism unleashed by our enemies is unimaginable’, and detailed a series of atrocities that exemplify well the inhumane nature of capitalism that these murderers serve.

With the firm belief that ‘victory will be the biggest rewards for all of our suffering’, ambassador Aloja highlighted the role that’s being played by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, ‘fundamental friends of our people, government and army,’ to eliminate Daesh and its accomplices from the territory and recover the chance to live life in peace.

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