Chronicle: The violent repression against the Chilean Student’s March

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Source: TeleSur / The Dawn News / May 9, 2017

Photo credit: TeleSUR
Photo credit: TeleSUR


Chilean students demand the government to end the loans they are forced to take in order to access college education

This Tuesday, police special forces violently repressed a new student mobilization, which demanded the end of the State Guaranteed Credit (CAE) and the cancellation of the debts the majority of the universitaries have.

Under the slogan “end of the debt”, over 80.000 people marched and manifested themselves at Santiago de Chile and other regions with flags and signs. But the day was marked by a harsh police repression, which the students denounced through media and social networks.

Policemen sprayed water with chemicals and tear gas during the march. At the end of the day violent detentions were carried on by the police.

At the march, the students also demanded the universal gratuity of the superior education, a better quality of education and the end of profit in educational institutions.

The leaders of the Chilean Students Confederation (Confech) announced that they will present a “serious and real” proposal to condone the debt (to the CAE) to the government of Michelle Bachelet.

The student leader Patricio Medina claimed that “the state is spending more than the 3% of the GDP to finance weapons and tanks, and we hope that a criteria is also considered to finance education”. He demanded “more dialogue” to the Education Minister, Adriana Delpiano.

Delpiano stated a few days ago that it is impossible to include the cancellation of debt in the higher education reform that is being treated at the Congress.

The high cost of Education in Chile

College careers at Chile have really high costs, what forces young people to request credits to financial institutions, that are later paid with interests.

Over 808.000 students are indebted under the State Guaranteed Credit financial system since 2016.

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