USA wants the Argentinian and Brazilian armies to assist in the event of an attack on Venezuela

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Source: La Haine / The Dawn News / May 5, 2017

Photo credit: La Radio del Sur
Photo credit: La Radio del Sur

The Argentinian leader Mauricio Macri, the coupist leader Michel Temer, and the OAS’ general secretary, Luis Almagro, seem to compete to see who becomes the main representative of Washington’s interests in the region. Before his trip to the US to meet with president Trump, the Argentinian leader tried, and failed, to make the National Congress issue a statement against Venezuela.

The meeting between Macri and Trump left a lot of topics to analyze. The commitments assumed in defense by the Argentinian president, leave the Latin American country at a dangerous axis, which consequences may even involve the National Army in the plans of military intervention that the White House has on Venezuela.

In dialogue with Contexto, the Parlasur deputy Oscar Laborde pointed out that “what we have to analyze is what Macri left and brought after his encounter with Trump. Reality indicates that it did not bring any commitment of investment and that he left a lot”.

“The ‘alleged terrorist threat’ argument left an agreement so that Armed Forces and Intelligence services of both countries can work in a joint form in the Triple Frontier Zone. It also left the possibility to participate in armed actions leaded by the US. A detail that should not be taken as a joke is the fact that Trump wanted to talked about Korea and Macri about lemons. I believe that the gravity in how Trump refers to a country which he may enter into an armed conflict with, is being taken easily. With this, he is warning us (Argentinians) that the possibility of war exists, and asks for Macri’s support.” he assured.

Mercosur’s congressman affirmed that “Macri went with the idea to continue with the nice gestures. This time the gesture was showing himself totally open to US’ position, hoping that it will allow future inversions. It is clear that this course of action has never worked”.

“Macri wanted to deliver a gift to Trump, showing a resolution of the Argentinian Congress against Venezuela, but that project failed. At the Parlasur, Cambiemos’ (Macri´s coalition) deputies tried to do something similar and could not achieve it either. It was ‘a gift’, one more gesture of the concessions pack that Macri wanted to deliver to the president of the United States”, he highlighted.

The congressman remembered the Argentinian attempt to buy military equipment from the USA and assured that “it was not taken with seriously. That second-hand equipment is sold at a low price to USA’s friends, and to be considered as a friend you have to be willing to participate at some of the military interventions that they realize”.

“From a long time the USA wants to military intervene Venezuela. Venezuelan petroleum has always been in their scope. The White House is looking for an intervention of the OAS at Venezuela and in order to do so, they need to militarily intervene the country. In that sense, the Argentinian and Brazilian armies are thought as potential allies by the US in a feasible intervention at Venezuela”, Laborde concluded.

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