ALBA Movements: Declaration by the First Meeting of Political Coordination

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Photo Credit: Resumen Latinoamericano
Photo Credit: Resumen Latinoamericano

Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / May 17, 2017

At the south of the continent, in the lands of Evita and of “el Che” -Buenos Aires, Argentina-, comrades from the Political Coordination division of ALBA Movements gathered between the days 15 and 17 of May, with the objective to plan the political program for the integration of the peoples, a mandate that arose for our II Continental Assembly, realized at Colombia in 2016. In these days we remembered the internationalist Chico Alejo, Joaco, murdered by the Venezuelan Fascist right; but also celebrated the release of our comrade Oscar López Rivera, who now walks free through the streets of his Puerto Rico.

We thank the meeting held with the General Secretary of ALBA TCP, the brother David Choquehuanca Céspedes with whom we worked in a complementary agenda for popular governments and movements of our continent, to continue the project  of San Martin and Bolivar in the construction of the Motherland and the liberation of our peoples.

We feel challenged because our first meeting of Public Coordination proudly joins a new cycle of mobilization and struggle of the Argentinian people against the neoliberal government of Mauricio Macri, loyal lackey of the imperialist policies. Another example of these right tide that may have won governments but that has not defeated us at all. These governments, like the Temer’s putsch administration, can not and will not stabilize since they do not offer a way out from the capitalism’s systemic crisis, which is the true cause of our people’s discomfort, even though when the powerful want to divert the rage and anger, generating national, ethnical, religious and identity differences.

We concluded that this crisis is generating, at the same time, an internal dispute among the global elite. A dispute in the paths and ways to channel the economical, geopolitical and ideological re accommodation to guaranty the payment of the crisis with our rights, our territories and our lives. We could say that we are living an era of uncertainty.

In this context, our continent faces a dispute where the local right tries to definitively undermine the popular and revolutionary alternatives at any cost, in order to consolidate the North American imperialism at the region.

As we have mentioned, we can see a growth in struggle fronts, in the defense of our rights and in popular mobilization at the streets. We are conscious that a new period of electoral dispute is being opened at several countries, that along with Venezuela’s constituent initiative, may mark a new opportunity to construct a new correlation of forces that allows to retake ALBA’s perspective as a liberation project for our people’s.

In order to position ourselves in conditions of counter offensive, at this moment we need to prioritize the total support to Our Bolivarian Revolution as a defensive and strategic moment at the same time. In the same way, Colombian peace can not be thought separated to the attack at Venezuela and the Continent. Both process are connected. That is why why certify our militant and fraternal support in defense of the peace wit social justice at Colombia.

We denounce the OAS and its secretary Luis Almagro in their double standard and hypocrisy while talking about their alleged concern on Human Rights as a thought strategy from Washington to demonize the legitimate government of Venezuela, to settle the bases of destabilization and possible interventions at our brother country. In the meantime it ignores and hides the fact that thousands of comrades are being murdered, criminalized and exiled at our continent

We call upon the conformation of an Anti Imperialistic Court which denounces and judges the crimes against our peoples and our mother nature, so as we will thrust a commision for continental peace.

For the debate of our peoples, the articulation in our base organizations and to promote the struggle in the streets and the dispute of the institutional government, we are suggesting the development of the following 6 strategical slogans:

  1. The Supportive Internationalism
  2. The Ideological and Cultural Battle
  3. The defense of Mother Nature rights and the People’s Sovereignty
  4. A New Economy for Good Living
  5. The Democratization and the Construction of Popular Power
  6. Popular Feminisms

This program is framed in the development of a continental constituent process that puts in debate which is the society project that will allow us to overcome the crisis in favour of the oppressed majorities; and it supposes the deployment of a conjoint agenda that disputes in a simultaneous way various levels to build majorities in Our America: the level of governance and institutionality, of organized popular forces and unity initiatives, and of the general human diversity that conform our national sceneries.

Our present is complex and it is full of uncertainties, but we have accumulated resistance, struggle and victories from over 500 years that give us the certainty that Victory is in the possible horizon.

Venezuela: The heart of Our America

Unity, Struggle, Battle and Victory.

Buenos Aires, May 17, 2017.

Political Coordination. ALBA Movements.

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