O Globo: Temer Would Have Purchased the Silence of Former Deputy now on Jail

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Photo Credit: Brasil de Fato
Photo Credit: Brasil de Fato

Owners of JBS would have recorded the moment that the president approved the bribe to Eduardo Cunha

Source: Brasil de Fato / The Dawn News / May 17, 2017

Past Wednesday (May 10), owners of the meat company JBS, Joesley Batista and his brother Wesley, realized a prized denouncement in the context of the Greenfield Operation. In it, they would have claimed that they have recorded a telephonic conversation in which the coup president Michel Temer would have indicted to Rodrigo Rocha Loures, deputy of the same party (PMDB), to “resolve a problem of the J&F”, a JBS holding. Moments later the deputy was recorded receiving a bag with 160.000 dollars sent by Joesley. Temer also heard that the businessman was giving to Eduardo Cunha -a key piece in the impeachment against Dilma- and to Lúcio Funaro an allowance in jail in exchange for their silence.

Before this detail, Temer insisted: “We have to maintain that, ok?”


Senator Aecio Neves -PSDB candidate who runned against Dilma in 2014- was also recorded asking for 630 thousand dollars to Joesley. The money would have been delivered to a cousin of the PSDB president at dinner filmed by the Federal Police (FP).

The FP tracked the route of this money and discovered that they were deposited in a company of Senator Zeze Perrella, of Minas Gerais’ PSDB.


For the deputy Zé Carlos, of the Workers’ Party (PT), this is an event without precedents on the Brazilian political history: “never before a president was involved in such a serious event. If Temer had some honor, scruples or consciousness, then he should tell the people about what he has done, resign to the presidency and announce direct elections”.

The federal deputy from the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) Jean Willys, recorded a live video from the Chamber stating that “the president of the Chamber Rodrigo Maia had to close the session, and the allies of the government runned desperately towards the exit. Meaning that everything we affirmed is now happening. Dilma was not deposed in order to fight corruption. she was deposed to allow it, so that the real criminal would not be condemned”.

For Willys, “the attempts to criminalize the left did not work, and now the ethical and moral detours of the allied base of the government are exposed”.

In a video published in her Facebook page, the federal deputy Jandira Feghali, of the Brazilian Communist Party (PcdoB), also voiced about the scandal: “We have to stop voting absurd texts at the National Congress, the absurd agenda of the government and launch the direct elections immediately. What happened is really severe, the crisis will deepen a lot and nothing else can be voted at this Congress. Now everything is under suspicious”. This government “is deep up to the neck, and it is not an illusion, it was recorded!” concluded Feghali.

Planalto denies the denounces.

In a communique, the Palace of Planalto denied the denounces: “the president never requested a payment to silence somebody, neither did he authorize any movement with the objective to avoid the parlamentary’s denounce (…). The president will launch a deep and road investigation to check the denounces published by media”.


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