The Constituent Process in Venezuela, Through the Eyes of Simón Bolívar

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By: León Britto / The Dawn News / May 19, 2017

Photo credit: Orinoquia Photo
Photo credit: Orinoquia Photo

“Lord: Joyous the citizen who under the coat of arms of his or her Motherland has called upon the National Sovereignty so that he or she can exercise his absolute will!”. That is how the Liberator Simon Bolivar opened his Speech at Angostura on February 15, 1819.

-Joyous the people convoked to exercise their sovereignty, and not about trifles, but to make a transcending change, like the the declaration of the production assets as social property.

-Lucky citizens who, to prepare for their precise manifestation of will, have freed themselves from the artificial shortage by previously withdrawing the dollar business from the dozen of oligopolies that found baggage companies, import trash or hide and sell what they import with an overprice.

-Happy the Venezuelan that sees the sanction applied to those who stole 60 billion dollars intended to import basic goods or who allowed the flight through the frontier of 40% of the country’s production.

-Blessed the people who understand that if they vote for those who negotiate with their hunger, the nation will lose the property over the hydrocarbures industry, the gratuity of the higher education, the social benefits, the jurisdiction immunity that prevents the judgement and condemn of Venezuela by the OAS, the prohibition to install foreign military bases, the irreversibility of the social conquest, the right to true and opportune information, women’s equality, among other conquests of the 1999 Constitution.

-Prudent the voter that knows that after the Constituent the re legitimation of powers comes, in where an imprudent vote or a resentful abstention could deliver the Legislative, Judicial, Moral, Electoral and Executive power to the enemies of the people.

-Astute the voter which, conscious of what is at play, judges as unworthy to enter a Constituent Assembly or any public enclosure everyone who has supported the instauration of a dictatorship that abolished the Constitution without hesitation; the kidnapping of the elected president; the prosecution of the legitimate president by foreign Courts; the submission of Venezuela to foreign tribunals or joints; the privatization of Petroleums of Venezuela or the assignation to a class, ethnic or caste of the absolute and exclusive control on the natural resources that belong to all the Venezuelan.

-Prudent those who demand to their picked Assemblymen to subscribe letters with their resignation in the case they support any of these treachery acts to the Motherland.

-Wise those who understand that the Constituent recognizes powers conquered by fact.

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