The Continental Political Coordination of ALBA Movements met in Buenos Aires

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / Photo credit: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / May 16, 2017

The Continental Political Coordination of the Movements towards the ALBA is meeting in Buenos Aires, with the presence of the Secretary General of the ALBA-TCP, former Bolivian chancellor David Choquenhuanca, and delegates from Venezuela, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala.

The meeting began with an homage to internationalist militant José Muñoz Acoholado (Chico Alejo), who was recently murdered by henchmen in Venezuela, in a context of right-wing violence aimed at overthrowing President Nicolás Maduro.

During the debate, the speakers made it clear that the Latin American continent is being victim of a counteroffensive by imperialism, which not only has overthrown some governments and generated instability in others, but is creating conditions of oppression and misery, which are consequences of neoliberalism. Against this, they said, the peoples resist, and in some cases are organizing to take an offensive role.

Things like solidarious internationalism, food sovereignty and the defense of the Motherland were discussed along with a model for a people’s economy and the need to fight for truly participative democracy.

The struggle for women’s right was present in all topics of discussion, where the role of women in each of the current battles was highlighted.

Another indispensable tool that was addressed by the movements that form the ALBA is the communicational front, because it’s increasingly obvious that hegemonic media interfere by distorting the truth and threatening the stability of progressivist governments.

Choqueuanca celebrated the fact that this meeting was being held, because it will enable, in the future, a bigger exchange of opinions between both instances of ALBA Movements, and above all, generate actions all across the continent to reject the brutal onslaught of the right against our peoples.

The Secretary General of the ALBA-TCP also spoke at an act organized by the Argentine chapter of ALBA Movements in the headquarters of the Central of Workers of the People’s Economy (CTEP).

With the sincerity that characterizes our indigenous peoples, Choquehuanca expressed his confidence in that mobilization and struggle, “without disparaging due to the complexities that we’re facing”, will enable the recomposition of our forces and the transition to an offensive role of the peoples against the right and imperialism.

“They want us to get used to not reacting”, the former Bolivian chancellor said, “but we continue to move forwards with determination”, and affirmed that “we have resisted for over 500 years, in the future there will be victory”.

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