Haitian Social Movements in Solidarity with the People of Venezuela

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The Dawn News / May 23, 2017

Photo credit: GRAD
Photo credit: GRAD

We, the organizations of the Haitian people’s movement, are indignant due to the way in which the OAS is supporting the right-wing opposition against the people’s government of Venezuela, despite the fact that the latter made a call to peace and dialogue in order to make agreements despite the differences and work in the interest of the whole nation.

After the death of socialist Venezuelan president Commander Hugo Chávez, the neoliberal capitalist oligarchy of Venezuela, with the support of the imperialist force of the US and being manipulated by them, is conspiring to bring the Venezuelan revolution down. The yankee state is using every imaginable method to achieve that. The OAS, under US control, is the tool to impose the capitalist project. In this sense, they support the Venezuelan right-wing opposition to make a coup d’État against President Nicolás Maduro to take over power and consolidate their class project like they did in Brazil. Right-wing forces fabricate situations of violence, instability and misery in their country.

In history, Venezuelans are not the first people to be attacked by imperialism for establishing sovereignty in their country, because they don’t want to bow down to capitalist countries, because they reject looting, and because they want to break away from neoliberalism and all forms of internal and external domination.
The battles that are fought on the Latin American continent, such as the last victory of the revolution in Ecuador, the mobilization against Macri’s government in Argentina and other attacks on Latin American land show that neoliberal policies don’t do anything for the people, but they alienate every people that wants sovereignty, and impoverishes peoples to enrich a small oligarchic groups.

Despite all of the disinformation campaigns on all aspects of life that are being carried out against the Venezuelan people and government, the resistance of the majority of the people is solidarious with the idea of Bolivarian revolution for the wellbeing and sovereignty of the people.

We, Haitian progressivist organizations, express our solidarity with the Venezuelan people, which is in a difficult situation due to the onslaught of the right and imperialism; we condemn violence fabricated by the right and all attempts by the OAS and Luis Almagro to impose a foreign military intervention on the Venezuelan people; we demand unity of all people’s movements of the world and regional governments in solidarity with the Venezuelan government, to denounce the attacks against the sovereignty of the nation, we demand respect for the Constitution and the people’s will, the end of manipulation and propaganda against the will of the majority, and finally, the end of all sort of promotion against democracy in Venezuela.



Tet Kole

Gwoup Rechech ak apui pou devlopman Kolektivite Teritoryal yo (GRAD)

Sek Janil

Fos reflesyon ak aksyon sou koze kay (FRAKA)

Oganizasyon pou chanjman ak avansman Nip (OCHAN)

Cercle Gramsci


Mouvman oganizasyon pou Desantralizasyon ak devlopman No ak Nodes (MODOD)

Mouvman demokratik Popile (MODEP)

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