Bilderberg Club: What are the world’s most powerful people discussing?

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Source: Kaos en la Red / The Dawn News / May 29, 2017

The Bilderderg club is considered one of the most powerful NGOs of the world. Some believe that is, in fact, the most powerful and that it is a tool of the “World Government”.

Their meetings, that usually take place between May and June of each year, go through with extraordinary security measures. Decens of tycoons, bankers, politicians, members of several royal families and also some scientists.

From media, only the heads: also tycoons, but media tycoons. And if they assist, it is not to divulge the decisions made.

As their official website points out, their annual gatherings were “designed to foster the dialogue between Europe and North America”. Very little is known of their agenda and even less of their decisions because “they never attract public attention”, the webpage’s FAQ assures. Finally, the press conferences previous to the annual meetings were suspended on the 90s due to “lack of interest”.

Countdown to the 2017 meeting

The directive committee of the club convoked the next meeting for June 1 at a little city in the American state of Virginia. The meetings will last 4 days, as usual. The club’s website promises to publish a communique for press with the list of themes and participants involved for the next days.

However, it is unlikely that this agenda will tell something to the uninformed internaut. These programs became even more laconic after the year 2014, before that they had fairly concrete questions, like “Is the economic recuperation sustainable?” or “Who will pay for the demography?”.

Between the years 2015 and 2016, the agenda did not differ at any point: artificial intelligence, cybernetic security, chemical weapons, economical problems, European strategy, globalization, Greece, Iran, Middle East, NATO, Russia, terrorism, United Kingdom, United States and elections at the US. The last point is the only one that can not be repeated in this year’s agenda due to the election of Donald Trump.

The list of guests is kept a secret until the eve of the event. At the moment, the only thing certain is that the host for the next conference will be the French tycoon Henri de Castries, AXA’s executive president, a multinational specialized in insurances and investments.

For the first time in decades this meeting will not count with the presence of David Rockefeller. The famous banker died on past March at the age of 101. It is still unknown who will replace him in the club.


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