Evo Morales: “Those who abuse their power are the United States, not Venezuela”

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano – Hispan TV / The Dawn News / June 16, 2017

Photo credit: Resumen Latinoamericano
Photo credit: Resumen Latinoamericano

Bolivia is rejecting the American accusations against Venezuela and highlights that is not Caracas who is “abusing on power” but the United States.

“Power abuse is settling military bases to invade the peoples of the world, violating the sovereignty of the countries and killing innocent people”, argued on Thursday the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, on a message posted in his Twitter account.

In this way, Morales reacted to the words of the American vice president, Mike Pence, who on the same day had said that Venezuela was a great example of what happens when democracy weakens and invited the other countries of the region to condemn the “abuse of power” of the Venezuelan government.

While referring to the exit of the US from the Paris Agreement, the Bolivian president highlighted that “abuse of power is not respecting the Agreement that defends the Earth’s rights and which guarantees the life of humans”.

“Take your noses out of Venezuela”, claimed the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, in repudiation to the recent comments of the American vice president, Mike Pence.
The Bolivian chief of State, who is an ally of his Venezuelan pair, Nicolás Maduro, denounced on several opportunities the plan of the “Empire” to overthrow Maduro as a “punishment and example to the anti imperialist Governments”, as the news agency ABI analizes.
Morales himself is also known for his struggle against the imperialistic interference in Latin America and has considered his country as a “global example” which “passed from being a colonial state” to “a plurinational and free State”, and has called upon the indigenous peoples to fight colonialism and capitalism.
Venezuela is living a tense climate due to the protests of the opposition, which have left at least 70 human casualties. Maduro accuses Washington of sponsoring the right to destabilize the country in order to intervene and take possession of their natural resources. Nevertheless, he assures that imperialism will never defeat the Venezuelan people.

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