Paraguay: On the Fifth Anniversary of the Curuguaty Massacre, officers search Conamuri, a popular organization of worker indigenous and farmer women

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / June 15, 2017


In a clear episode of criminalization of popular organizations, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the Curuguaty massacre, agents of the Public Ministry searched the headquarters of the National Coordination of Farmer and Indigenous Working Women (Conamuri) due to a denounce realized by the Binational Itaipu regarding a deposit of 900 million guaraníes (Paraguayan currency). Perla Álvarez, leader of Conamuri, claims to be calmed and assures that no irregularity was committed.

The district attorney René González from the Economic Crimes Division took the documents of the Lala Guaraní foundation, which is managed by the Latin American Agroecological Institute and works in the same venue of Conamuri.


The comitive argued that the procedure  responds to a denounce presented by Itaipú Binacional on a project of the year 2011 of agroecological courses, to which 1.900 million guaranies were granted and only 900 million G were used.


According to Álvarez, the accountability was presented, but Itaipú asked for additional reports, which the organization was arranging to deliver. This is why the search warrant surprised.


“We are open to an investigation because we are transparent”, stated the leader.


Even though Álvarez assures she will be calmed because she sustains that no irregularities were committed in the use of resources, she said she was surprised by the procedure, which happened in the Fifth Anniversary of the Curuguaty massacre while Conamuri supports the cause that seeks the freedom of the 11 condemn farmers.


Past Thursday, Resumen Latinoamericano published a communique of Conamuri to remember the Curuguaty massacre, in which the police murdered several farmers and the event was later an excuse to overthrow former president Fernando Lugo.


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