Venezuela: International condemnation to the terrorist attack of past Tuesday

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Photo Credit: Resumen Latinoamericano
Photo Credit: Resumen Latinoamericano

Communique from the International Committee of Peace, Justice, and Dignity for the Peoples

Repudiation to the terrorist attacks on Venezuela

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / July 1, 2017

Past Tuesday, June 27, the Venezuelan extreme right, which is directed from Washington, realized acts of aerial piracy, terrorism and armed attacks after the hi-jack of a helicopter and the launching of grenades over the Supreme Court of Justice and the Popular Power Ministry for Interior Relations, Peace and Justice.

This aggression of the wrongly named opposition, shows an absolute contempt towards life, physical integrity, institutions and democracy.

The terrorist escalation is implementing the same script that allowed the removal of democratic governments on other latitudes: a fierce defamatory campaign through media all around the globe; the utilization of regional organisms to condemn Venezuela. A siege towards the civilian and military institutions, an image of ungovernability; looting, thefts and food and medicine shortage; fires and destruction of the people’s installations: children’s hospital, warehouses and community centers; the utilization of childs as shields; extreme violence to the point of burning alive young Bolivarians.

The extreme gravity of these events is a provocation to generate a reaction from the Armed Bolivarian Forces to justify a military intervention which is being already prepared in Washington.

What does the OAS and its imperial secretary Luis Almagro say? How is it possible that three days have passed since an attack of such magnitude was committed and they have not pronounced themselves about it yet? How do the rightist governments of the region justify their silence while claiming to defend democracy and while they light the “opposition’s” fire?

In the dawn of the attacks we repudiated the attack from our Twitter account. Today we call the intellectuals and progressive sectors to avoid being accomplices of the destruction of the emancipating effort for which Commander Chávez gave his life for.

We convoke to our friends and committees to repudiate this violent escalation that violetas life, peace and democracy. We do it from the love and respect which bonds us to the people and the Bolívar’s Motherland. in defense of the progress achieved during two decades and of the CELAC’s Proclamation “Latin America Peace Zone”-

Defending the Bolivarian Venezuela and the anti imperialistic government of Nicolás Maduro, to support the call for a Constitutive Assembly, to denounce the lies, the deaths, the violence and the fascist putsch is to preserve life, peace and the future of all our peoples.
All our Solidarity is with Venezuela and its legitimate Government.

Fascists, you shall not triumph!

International Committee of Peace, Justice, and Dignity for the Peoples


Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Palestine and Turkey condemned the terrorist attack against governmental institutions in Venezuela.
The countries expressed their condemn to the terrorist attack perpetrated against the institutions of the Venezuelan State on past Wednesday from a helicopter hijacked by a former police official, as one of the actions carried on by the right to destabilize the government of Nicolá Maduro.

Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Palestine and Turkey have been some of the nations that expressed their solidarity with Venezuela and its people. Also, 17 African countries joined the support expressions.

The government of Bolivia highlighted through a communique the importance of facing dialogue between the political forces of Venezuela as a way to settle disagreements. The nation asked to preserve peace and stability in the Republic by routing the struggle through the democratic way.

The government of Ecuador called upon the “unrestricted respect of the State’s’ democratic order, the peaceful resolution of the conflicts, the non interference in the internal affairs of each country and the repudiation to destabilising attempts”.

The government of Turkey condemned the attack carried on against institutions with grenades and firearms and stated that an early resolution to the political violence that is being lived at the South American country can be achieved.

The executive of Ankara showed his relief in “that no victims were reported in such an attack directed against important institutions of the country”, and wished that “the political tension in Venezuela to be solved as soon as possible”.

Guatemala, through the Foreign Relations Minister, also asked to promote sincere dialogue between the parts that conform the Venezuelan society, and a political concertation which helps to preserve peace and the constitutional guarantees in benefit of the population.

Past Tuesday, June 27, a pilot stole a helicopter from the aerial base Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda, located at the Venezuelan capital, and he attacked the buildings of the Supreme Court of Justice and of the Interior Minister from it, without causing any fatal or wounded victims. The Venezuelan Government qualified the attack as a terrorist event and thaked the expressions of solidarity from the countries.

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