Chile: A call to march in Solidarity with the Mapuche political prisoners / State violence towards Mapuche families and children. Policemen are acting outside the Law

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Source: Mapuexpress / The Dawn News / July 5, 2017

Down below we share the convocatory video of the werken Ingrid Conejeros making a call to adhere to the mobilization of this Thursday July 6, in Hospital Square at 11 o’clock. Below the convocatory we have the testimony of Silvia Colicheo, wife of Ionko Alfredo Tralcal de Lleupeko, prisoner for the “Iglesia” case, and finally, a public communique of the Mapuche political prisoners of the Luchsinger-Mackay case and the “Iglesia” case.

Public communiqué of the Mapuche Political Prisoners of the Iglesia and the Luchsinger-Mackay cases:

1.-Since more than a year has passed of our unfair detention, we, the Mapuche Political Prisoners of the “Iglesia” case, state that this detention is product of the judicial onslaught of the anti-mapuche attorneys who operate in favour of the powerful who have different interests in our Wallmapu: forestal, hydroelectric, colonist and the church, and that our imprisonment is framed in the desperation to blame us, the Mapuche people, for the violence that the Chilean State has deployed since it decided to military invade our mapuche Nation.

2.-To point out that we are being detained at 10 kilometers from the place of the events, under the pretext of an identity control and the only elements that they could find are our tools for the work of the land. We understand that this persistence is due to our support of the vindication process in the Lof Wenteche of the Gulumapu, for which they applied on us the Law N° 18.314, a juridic tool imposed in the criminal dictatorship of the despot Pinochet, which had as an objective to crush the social movements of those times, and that now is being used to silence the fight of our people towards national liberation.

3.- Before such judicial subjugation of the anti Mapuche prosecution, we have initiated a Liquid Hunger Strike, of Undefined length from June 7, taking our bodies as the last mean of struggle, with our demands being:

-A fair trial in a reasonable term

-No application of the 18.314 Law (the anti terrorism Law)

-No to the utilization of anonymous witness

-The revocation of the measure of preventive prison

4.- As political prisoners of the Iglesia Case and the Luchsinger-Mackay, we make a call to mobilization for July 6. We request to our Mapuche people, to the communities that are in struggle against the forestal and latifundia business, to social organizations, to the all the students, to manifest themselves against this system that oppresses every jailed Mapuche in the territories of the Argentinean and Chilean State. States which use this law to punish rather than to condemn. We call for support in our cause in the different territories, at a national and international level, to brake the media fence imposed by the bourgeois press and so allowing the advancement of fair judicial processes.

Mapuche Political Prisoners of the Luchsinguer Mackay Case:

– Juan Tralcal

– Luis Tralcal

– José Tralcal

Mapuche Political Prisoners of the Iglesia Case:

– Benito Trangol

– Ariel Trangol

– Pablo Trangol

– Alfredo tralcal

Mapuche Nation: State violence towards Mapuche families and children. Policemen are acting outside the Law


Source: Mapuexpress / The Dawn News / July 5, 2017

“The resource of preventive protection is in practice in favour of the N.T.T children of 8 years old, the F.T.T. children of 5 years old and the S.A.T.T. teenagers, only when the policemen are instructed to exercise police procedures with a strict subjection to the current legal and constitutional normative, abstaining themselves to affect the fundamental rights of the protected persons”, points out the recent decision of the Supreme Court which ratifies the resolution dictated by the Appealing Court of Temuco, which embraced the preventive protection resource presented by the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), in favour of the three kids members of a Mapuche family in the We Küyen, Lof Juan Antinao community, in the Ercilla comune, and forced the Chilean policemen (Carabineros) to adopt new measures.

Human rights organizations keep demanding the adjustment of the police to the law, since this is not the only resolution launched by the Court.

In Temuco, on Tuesday July 4th, organizations linked to Human Rights of the La Araucanía region realized a public sitting demanding more controls to police operations and delivered a letter to the Araucanía Mayor directed to the president Bachelet, regarding the constant violations in Human Rights exercised against the Mapuche people, like the invasion of the G-816 school of Ercilla, in the Temucuicui community, occurred in June 14 of the present year and where a severe act of police violence was carried on against Mapuche children. Also, they condemn the pre judgements made by authorities regarding the cases of Luis Marileo and Patricio González, murdered by a former policemen on June 10.

The organization who realized the allegations were: the Citizen Observatory, Action Network for Environmental Rights (RADA); South Center of Investigation and Defense (CIDSUR); Center for the Investigation and Promotion of Human Rights (CINPRODH); and the Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared and of the Executed Political Prisoners.

On July 3, several people of the civilian society adhere to a protective resource in favour of the Mapuche offspring of Temucuicui, which was interposed primarily by individual people. social activist, teachers, university professors, students, workers from the health area, artists and leaders compromised with human rights.

On their behalf, children’s rights organizations and specialists on human rights have pointed out that in Chile the children’s rights are constantly being violated, according to a report that has the intervention of Onésima Lienqueo, Natividad Llanquileo, Juan Pablo Manquenahuel, Marcos Rabanal, Marcelo Catrillanca, Brandon Hernández Huentecol.

Also, the College of Teachers has publicly repudiated the violent actions of the police’s special forces division at the G-816 school in the community of Temucuicui in Ercilla, while mentioning the Interior Ministry, the Education Ministry and UNICEF.

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