Brazil Dictator Michel Temer Denounced for Alleged Purchase of Votes

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Photo Credit: Brasil de Fato
Photo Credit: Brasil de Fato

Source: Brasil de Fato | São Paulo (SP) / The Dawn News / July 6, 2017


The putschist Brazilian president, Michel Temer (PMDB), was accused of buying votes in order to prevent the continuance of the denouncement made by the Attorney General’s Office to the Deputies Chamber, authority which decides if the denunciation of corruption goes on to the Federal Supreme Court or not.


In the denouncement that was passed on to the Attorney General’s Office, the crimes of active and passive corruption, criminal association and attacking against the public moral, are pointed out by the opposition.


The arguments used by the opposition to carry on the accusations are the quantity of budget amendments made in favour of parliamentarians in the last month, along with president agenda, which includes several meetings with different deputies. 342 votes are needed to accept the accusation for corruption and for the Supreme Court to decide if they go on or not with the denouncement.


In June only, the payments made to deputies and senators by amendments was of 1,3 billion dollars, according to information supplied by Reuters agency. The amount differs from the payments made in the previous month, which it is also previous to the denouncements made by businessmen of the frigorific group JBS, which involved the president in different corruption cases. In this period the amount was of 242 million dollars.


The use of budget amendments for congressmen and women is usually used by the the government to guarantee the allied support. Initially the Brazilian Federal Budget is defined by the Federal Government and by the National Congress and then it is modified and approved by senators and deputies. The amendment is a method for the parliamentarians to get the budgets for their districts without the need of superior approval.


In this case, the budget of 2017 includes the payment of this resources, but they were used coincidentally used when the Chamber was going to decide if the accusation made by the federal general attorney, Rodrigo Janot, against Temer would reach the Supreme Court.


The Beneficiaries


In the list of parliamentarians that will be benefitted by the amendment liberation, we can find: the deputy Jair Bolsonaro, from the Christian Social Party of Rio de Janeiro, the senator Aécio Neve, from the PMDB of Minas Gerais, the senator Rodrigo Maia, from the Democrat Party of Rio de Janeiro, and also the president of the Chamber’s Justice and Constitution Commission. Rodrigo Pacheco, of the PMDB of Minas Gerais. Each one of them will receive around 5 million dollars. Rodrigo Pacheco is who leads the collegial body and who will elaborate the report on the possibility to accept the denouncement for passive corruption against Michel Temer in the Supreme Court.


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