Venezuela, Heart of Our America: The Constituent Assembly is beating

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The Constituent Assembly that will be held next July 30 in Venezuela has become a battle that resounds all throughout our continent, and social movement’s cannot remain impassive before this situation.

The Constituent Assembly is the democratic instrument to defend and promote peace against the local and international fascist sectors that try to undermine the determination of the free and sovereign people of Venezuela. An instrument to defend and deepen this revolution that has been transforming the country for 19 years.

The constituent assembly is not only a defense against the violence of fascists and sellouts, but an example of popular power, an expression of the will of the people who participates, debates and decides the destiny of the country. A brave people that, alongside their president Nicolás Maduro, is heroically fighting this fourth-generation war created in the laboratories of the CIA.

In difficult times such as the ones we’re facing throughout the Motherland, where those who used to be friends and allies in times of victory now jump the fence to criticize in the name of an abstract purity, we, the people’s movements of the continent, continue to defend the Bolivarian Revolution together.

We know very well that it is in times like these when peoples take their biggest steps towards liberation, and  we have no doubt that the Venezuelan people has done so. Today, it is time for us, their brothers and sisters, to continue to denounce the atrocities committed by the fascist right—which will never be reported by big media. It is our turn to mobilize to prove that the Bolivarian project is still burning in our hearts; it is time to defend the Constituent assembly in each portion of the land we know as Abya Yala.

Venezuela is the heart of this historical time, and it pumps the blood for revolutionary integration to achieve the second—and definitive—independence of our territory. We need to extend this exemplary process to the whole continent and hopefully the next Constituent will be one to establish the project of the Big Motherland—a plurinational, decolonized, feminist and socialist territory encompassing all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We the Movements Towards the ALBA continue to honor the ideas of Commander Chávez, extend our solidarity to the Venezuelan people and defend the government of Nicolás Maduro. Therefore, we launch the campaign “Venezuela, Heart of America” and convene all organizations and movements of the Big Motherland to demonstrate in support of the Constituent Assembly during the last week of July through street demonstrations, activities, artistic and cultural expressions. We also call to support this initiative in social networks, which are another arena of struggle and ideological battle used by the imperialist strategy.

For Peace And For The Revolution, We’re With The Constituent!

Venezuela, Heart Of America!

We Will Live On And Be Victorious!

ALBA Movements


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