Declaration: We’re With the Constituent Election

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Popular movements from different parts of the world are promoting the campaign “Venezuela, Heart of America”. They support the call to Constituent National Assembly to be held next Sunday (July 30), and condemn the attempted putsch.

Photo credit: “Venezuela, Heart of America” Campaign

At this moment, in Venezuela, a great part of the Latin American and Caribbean faith is in play.This is why all the artillery of the conservative sectors -particularly the media- is focused to legitimize the terrorist actions and to invisibilize the Chavista people. The declarations made by Trump and Marco Rubio; the participation of Luis Almagro, the general secretary of the OAS, giving a report before the American senate and the recent plan presented by the MUD spokesmen show pretty clear signs: they are preparing the terrain to generalize a civil war in order to achieve by force the political power.

This is why we say that on July 30, in Venezuela, we have a battle that will repercute in the whole Our American country, and the popular movements can not stay still. The constitutive is the democratic toll to defend and promote peace before the international and local fascist sectors which try to violate the self determination of this free and sovereign people. A tool to defend and deepen this revolution that keeps struggling for 19 years.

The constitutive it is not just a stop to the fascist violence but an example of popular empowerment, an expression of the plain exercise of the people’s power that participates, argues and decides the course of the nation; a brave people which along its president Nicolás Maduro keeps fighting a fourth generation multi dimensional war created in the CIA putschist laboratories.

In the harsh times like the ones we are going through in Our Motherland, where friends and allies from the past keep criticizing from an abstract purity, the popular movements of the continent still are side by side defending the Bolivarian Revolution.

We know pretty well that is this moments when the peoples show their greatest liberator signs, and we have no doubts that the Venezuelan brothers and sisters are still doing so, it is now up to us, the brother nations to keep denouncing the barbarities of the fascist right that will never appear on the great media, it is our turn to mobilize ourselves in order to prove that the Bolivarian project still burns on our hearts, it is up to us to assume the Constitutive in every portion of land of the Abya Yala.

Because Venezuela is the heart of this historical era and is where the project of revolutionary integration to achieve a second and definitive independence beats, we say that “Venezuela is the Heart of America”.

The peoples of Our America and of the World will keep rising the flags of Commander Chávez and defend the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro. This is why we launch the “Venezuela, Heart of America” campaign and manifest ourselves in support of the Constitutive movement, a democratic, participative, popular and revolutionary tool to achieve peace.

Support the Constituent Assembly!

Venezuela, Heart of America!

We Shall Triumph!

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twitter: @Vzla_Corazon

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