Trump: This is not a Cowboy Movie, do not threaten the Bolivarian Revolution. By Carlos Aznárez

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By: Carlos Aznarez / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / August 12, 2017

It could not be in another way around. From a sumptuous golf club and appealing to his provocative and histrionic style, Donald Trump threatens to militarily intervene Venezuela. It was not enough with the sanctions applied by Obama, with the newest economic attacks of the actual administration and with the “instructions” given to their viceroys of the Latin American governments, headed by Macri, Temer, Kuzinsky, Cartes, Santos, Bachelet, Peña Nieto, Tabaré Vásquez and other bootlickers. Now is Mr. Trump’s turn to grab two guns and ride a horse like the cowboys of their movies. But this is not about being a cowboy; they are trying to stop those who struggle, those who have been building perspectives of advancement towards socialism, while generating popular and communal power that defy the bourgeois democracies. They believe that they will achieve their objectives of domination through remembering invasions from the past, like the ones of Santo Domingo, Grenada o Panamá, but everything seems to point out that the gunshot will backfire.

Defeated in the polls by the overwhelming crowd of over 8 millions votes that approved and started the so much expected National Constituent Assembly, but also expelled from the streets where they gave room to their fascist actions, the local and international opposition is now forced to use the last great resource that they have. And here makes his stellar appearance multi millionaire Donald Trump.

It is known that his “style” is banal and provocative, irresponsible and brutal, and in this instance, all these adjectives are inevitable dangerous. It is vital that we do not rule out any alternative derived from his threats, because if we do not act with speed and decision, the future of entire peoples will be at risk.

Through his sayings, Trump is looking to give wings to the most extremist sectors of the opposition to win time and recompose from the crisis in which they are submerged, where a sector has already decided to jump to the electoral call created by the Government of Nicolás Maduro and other minority sector has chosen to keep feeding the monster of violence. However, when the Empire pronounces itself in this way, the consequences can not be minimized.

Trump does know that he no longer counts with the support of the peoples of the continent, not even of all the power sectors in his country, but he does count with the support of some scribes like Luis Almagro in the OAS and of the usurpers of the Mercosur. The other aggregated value comes from the campaigns of lies and of information distortion leaked through media terrorism. We must highlight that it has been awhile since a uninformative campaign of such magnitude has been held against a country and its people, like the one unleashed against Venezuela in the last time. The communicational distortive transnational companies launch every day tons of high level intoxicative lies of massive reach, talking about a nation destroyed by a “dictator” and of the “people” murdered in the streets. The is no doubt that Goebels would eny this new media nazis, but just like it happened to the German genocide, this ilk will be defeated as well.

This is the actual landscape, and that is why Trump and their accountants are imagining a direct intervention possibility to help their devalued internal allies.

While it is true that the conjunction of these hostile elements could not brake the steely civil military Bolivarian unity, it is highly likely for them to incur in new resources that may end in military actions of an asymmetric war.

Before all this bellicose revolt, only verbal from now but to bear in mind to face any kind of defensive analysis, there is one element that must be always protected: the Venezuelan People. This men and women that fight daily against economic war, supply shortage, speculation and xenophobic attacks. Simple and aware people willing to sustain a Revolution that has dignified them as never before. They are the ones that are willing to fight against all the imaginable variables.

On the contrary of what the Empire thinks and wishes, the revolution is more alive than ever. The full functioning of the National Constituent Assembly exercising the direct democracy, giving the answers that the country needs. It is also important to highlight the successes reached in the anti terrorist struggle by accomplishing the detentions of the attackers of the Paramacay headquarters, proving that no one who attacks the revolution shall be unpunished.

It is precisely from this reality that international solidarity is highly needed. It is essential. And no longer as an expression of wish but with the certainty that everyone in each of the countries that they are in, and who feel the Bolivarian Revolution as their own, gets ready to defend it to its lasts consequences.

Before the possibility of an attack of such magnitude, there is no way before the current scenery. Either you are in favour of the Bolivarian people and Government, supporting their efforts for peace and for the deepening of the Revolution, or the fundamental values and dignity of a Nation that feels itself as sovereign are to be jeopardise, taking part in the imperial onslaught. This statements is for those who -while being well informed- doubt before the uninformative wave but also for those who declare themselves as “progressive” or “leftists” and who shamefully write or emit opinions that seem to come from a manual of counter insurgency.

We, those who vindicate the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez, of San Martín and Bolívar, and who at the same time defend the Independence of our peoples and think that there is another world where the “rightful living” is possible for the big majorities, must deliver to the Venezuelan people our most unimpeded and unwavering adherence to their anti colonialist and anti imperial fight in the name of socialism.


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