The USA is coming for Evo Morales, Brennan is launching an active measure against Bolivia

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By: Hugo Moldiz Mercado / Source: Cuba Debate / The Dawn News / August 15, 2017


The Business Handler of the embassy of the USA, Peter Brennan -an expert in themes of ideological subversion-, has already commented to President Evo Morales that “I hope Bolivia never reaches the situation Venezuela is in”. The response of the indigenous leader was immediate: “Neither Bolivia or Venezuela are the backyard of nobody”.


More than three years had to pass for the Business Handler of the United States, Peter Brennan, to confirm the character of the political, undercover and unstabilizing mission that he had entrusted to apply in Bolivia from the American State Department, security agencies and secret services.


In apparently non extraordinary circumstances, the man who is charge of the USA’s embassy since 2014, used a public activity to talk to press and to state a interfering message of multiple purposes. “I hope Bolivia never reaches the situation Venezuela is in”, were the words of the American diplomat.


Whether the press question was scheduled or not, Brennan, an expert in ideological subversion, in his contact with the journalists, referred mainly to three themes: the Venezuelan crisis, the support of leftist leaders towards the government and what may happen to Bolivia if it took the same path.


The statements of the responsible of the US embassy in Bolivia may be interpreted as a provocation and as a rehearsal that takes part of the strategy adopted by Washington to erode the change process and avoiding the presentation of Evo Morales in the general elections of December 2019. These are not improvised words launched randomly without expecting political effects inside and outside Bolivia.


What are the objectives that Brennan is after?


Mainly, influencing even more in the political and media voices and in sectors of the civil society -opposition sectors-, that criticize the different support and solidarity manifestations of president Evo Morales towards the Bolivarian Revolution, the government of Nicolás Maduro and the National Constituent Assembly.


Brennan’s words are coherent. The imperial strategy contemplates to isolate Venezuela from most of the international community, an objective that was not achieved in months despite counting with the complicity of the tireless general secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro, who could not reunite the total of the two thirds of the member states in the regional organism to activate the Inter-American Democratic Letter. In Cancún, Mexico, he reached 20 adhesions and in the Lima encounter, called by the Peruvian president, Pablo Kuczynski -similar to Sáchez de Lozada in his physiognomy, in the way he talks and in the way he thinks-, a declaration was approved with 17 countries subscribing.


A high range interference strategy has been launched against Venezuela, a strategy that contemplates political, economic, military and media elements and measures which have as an objective the destruction of the Bolivarian Revolution through an internal implosion and, if it was needed, a military intervention for “humanitarian reasons” just as past Friday Donald Trump warned.


In a second place, using the bad image that the media apparatus has managed to install in the public imagination of social sectors permeable to the American strategy in order to dissuade the government of Evo Morales to stop supporting Maduro. They are playing with the feelings of the people -fear, indignation and hate, part of the fourth generation war-, to strengthen the convictions of the people culturally and politically aligned against the process of change and to construct doubts in some sectors that take part of this revolutionary experiences that rise to the State category. They are trying to generate doubts in some people near to Morales.


That is why the phrase “I hope Bolivia never reaches the situation Venezuela is in” can not be taken as a diffuse political reflection. Not when it comes from the mouth of Brennan. In reality it underpins the speech of politicians, analysts and commentators that seek to seed fear on the people over an hypothetical “dark future” of the Bolivian economy, which, for the unadmitted surprise of the opposition, is the one with the best behaviour in the South American region and counts with a diverse productive structure that would diminish the effects of any economical war.


In the third place, it is a sign of warning for Evo Morales and for the social movements in the case they persist with line of the last MAS congress, in December 2016, when four roads were approved to guarantee the continuity of the change process with the leadership of the indigenous leader towards 2025. Meaning that Morales will be a candidate in December 2019.


The warning to the government of president Morales was soft but deep. We have to textually read what he said: “I will not speculate on Bolivia’s situation. The internal political situation in Bolivia is something that should be resolved by the Bolivians, but I hope that Bolivia never reaches the point Venezuela has in this moment because it is deplorable and lamentable”. This was his answer when he was asked if Bolivia was going the same path that Venezuela while ignoring the results of the 2016 referendum, when the NO won for the possibility to repeat the formula Evo-Alvaro in the general elections of 2019.


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