Ecuador: According to analysts, Lenín Moreno is veering off Correa’s model

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Photo: teleSUR


Source: teleSUR / The Dawn News / August 11, 2017

Political analysts claim that the corruption in Ecuador “is a political tool”.


The Ecuadorian political analyst Patricia de la Torre and David Chávez, debated past Tuesday 8 on the political crisis that goes through the Nation, at the same time they rejected the non continuance of Alianza País’ project. They also referred to the removal of his duties of vice president Jorge Glas and to the distance taken by president Lenin Moreno from the line of thinking of the Citizen Revolution.

“We supported a president that was the continuity of the political project of Alianza Pais; in the moment the national leader begins taking decisions that are contrary to that project, not only to the ideological foundings, but also to the development model (…), it is because he is going through another path that is not the one developed by former president Rafael Correa”, stated Patricia de la Torre, invited to the program ‘In the Political Key’(En Clave Política) transmitted by teleSUR.

For the analyst, Glas’ destitution was “really severe”, since Morena did not verify the evidence to take a decision that left a population in shock.

“The Constitutional Letter establishes that it is up to the president to appoint and take functions from the vice president; however, if he is not declared guilty his destituion is really severe. He has taken this decision really fast”, affirmed De la Torre.

On his behalf, David Chávez sustains that the detachment of Moreno towards Correa, was foreseeable in the electoral campaign of the national leader.

“What was not expected was Moreno’s decision of turning into Correa’s main opposition to differentiate; that is the most strange thing”, pointed out Chávez.

At the same time, the analyst affirmed that “the corruption theme is always a political theme”, by the time he pointed out that “Lenin Moreno is using this theme to justify his detachment from the Citizen Revolution (…). At the end it is only a shield and it is being used for political reasons”, added Chávez, in reference to the Odebrecht case.


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