Bolivia: A Yankee outburst or a Line of Action?

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By: Hugo Moldiz Mercado / Source: Cuba Debate / The Dawn News / August 15, 2017

This is a follow-up to the article titled “The USA is coming for Evo Morales, Brennan is launching an active measure against Bolivia”.

Bolivia: A yankee outburst or a line of action?

To answer the question it is better to refer to the logic with which the US is acting against the change process since January 2006, when Evo Morales raised with a resounding victory in Dece

Credit: La Razón

mber 2005 with the 54% of the votes.

The American strategy to overthrow Morales was activated from the very beginning . The USA sent to the country in 2006 an expert embassador in the organization of open confrontations: Philip Golberg, who acquired its fame for its role in the division of the former socialist republic of Yugoslavia. In fact, the diplomat tried to carry out a violent outing of the indigenous leader in 2008, when the non democratic opposition carried on de facto actions like the storming of public institutions, the siege to the Constituent Assembly, the physical harassment of authorities and leaders of the change process and the assassination attempt against Morales. The revolution prevailed, the DEA expelled on june 2008 due to political espionage and so was Golberg in September for interfering in interior problems (systematic reunions with the non democratic opposition in Santa Cruz).

After Goldberg, the leadership of the US embassy was assumed in the condition of Business Delegate by Larry Memmott, ho despite prioritizing the political line that had to charge several times with the prints left by the CIA in operation realized against Morales government. The matter did not go well for the diplomat and along his second hand, Mitchel Ferguson, he had less than ten days to abandon the country. He was not expelled by Evo, but by the State Department which surprisingly took him.

Between Memmott and Peter Brennan, there were a few months leaded by other Business Delegate, Aruna Amirthanayagam, which whose only and fundamental task was to “clean” the house left by the first one, to guarantee a prevailing action of the agencies for subversion and intelligence in charge of the second one. Only two months were needed to fulfill that task.

As a proof, we have three cases

In the Brennan management of the US Embassy, there are three open and cover actions against the change process and president Morales.

The first one, Brennan’s participation in the Zapata case. There we have the encounter of the Business Delegate with Carlos Valverde (who launched the denouncement) in the Los Tajibos Hotel, currently property of the businessmen Samuel Doria Medina, just before the moment the media and fabricated “bomb” was launched in plain campaign by the modification of the State’s Political Constitution. We also have the arrival of IT technicians to support the same operation.

The second one, while celebrating the independence day of his country, past July, Brennan sustained in the ceremony, where curiously none of the opposition leaders were present, the following: “freedom; freedom of press and speech; an independent and nonpartisan judicial power selected through a fair and transparent process; no more persecutions; the protection of minorities; and the unacceptable character of imprisonment, repression or harassment of the political opposition and of those that do not adjust to a party’s line (…) are ideals, principles common interests and universal values in which we, in the USA, firmly believe and that I am sure that share with the great majority of the Bolivian people”.

Thirdly, a permanent and typical action of undercover subversion in something that in plain view does not unveil anything: the so called “diplomacy of people to people” as said in his speech. With this method they have reached several communities of the Omasuyos province, particularly Achacachi, and the Yungas of La Paz, where demands against the public policies of the government have arose.

But Brennan’s interference was found, in the firm positioning of Evo Morales, who through his twitter stated: “The US is threatening us and forgets that we have expelled one of their ambassadors due to similar interferences. Neither Bolivia nor Venezuela are the backyard of anybody”.

Brenna -the ideal substitute for Memmott due to his profile- arrived to La Paz in the previous stage to the electoral campaign of December 2014, when Washington hoped for the opposition to conform an only front to face the re-election aspirations of Morales, who will pass to history for carrying on the deepest revolution of Bolivia and for having received the biggest quantity of votes in the history of the country’s democracy (the 54% in 2005, the 64% in 2009 and the 62% in the last elections).

Brennan, due to his experience was perfect for the strategies of the US, as he counts with the knowledge and sufficient experience to carry on a “soft putsch”, the new kind of destabilization that Washington is carrying on. Venezuela is the best proof.

The Business Delegate has played an important role as the second in charge in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the US’ interference plans, as the cables revealed by Wikileaks and other sources from both countries have revealed. In 2007 Brennan pushed the Costa Rican government of Oscar Arias so that the police in that country (before the lack of Armed Forces) would train “discreetly” in the South Commando Academy.

During the government of Enrique Bolaños in Nicaragua, Brennan also played an important role of open interference. In March 2003, the American diplomat informed to the Nicaraguan Army Chief of Staff, General Julio César Avilés, that the annual military help provided to the country was suspended -estimated to be of 2.3 million dollars- until the missiles and the defense capabilities developed by the Sandinista government in almost 10 years of revolution are destroyed.

Brennan’s experience, as well as Brown’s, in what the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) call “democratic initiatives”, was also used in multiple subversive actions against Cuba: on January 13, 2011, the diplomat based now in Bolivia seized an visit to La Habana to treat migratory themes to gather secretly with Cuban splinter groups whose subversion actions are organized and funded by the government of the US, as the socialist government has frequently proved.
The American diplomat, who was one of the responsables of guaranteeing political stability for the militaries of their country in Pakistan and of promoting the trip of young people from this country to the US in order to approach themes revolving “democratic initiatives”, was pretty active when he was “Chief of the Cuban Matters Office” in Washington as he thrusted a series of actions to achieve the freedom of Alan Gross, an agent hired by USAID to install an illegal network of telecommunications in Cuba.

With Brennan in charge of the “Cuban office” the American actions against the socialist government increased. It would not be weird that the newly discovered “Zunzuneo” program -a kind of “Cuban Twitter” to connect the splinter groups-, has had its origins in the administration of who will be in charge of the American Business in Bolivia from July.


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