The United States is trying to strengthen its military presence in Latin America – An article by Carlos Aznárez

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Credit: Resumen Latinoamericano

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / August 24, 2017

Like in the old days when Latin America was plagued with military dictatorships and the meetings of the regional armies to planify new operatives of the Condor Plan, the new rightist airs that blow today in the continent are generating disturbing sceneries. In all of them, the excuses are almost the same that in the 70s and 80s: drug trafficking, terrorism and transnational felonies, to which now we add cyberdefense. Behind these eye-catching screens and the middle of an informative secret, what it is not being said is that to execute the economical and social policies of neoliberalism, in the present and in the past, it is necessary to sharpen the knives of internal repression, and for that there is nothing better than the exchange of Intelligence between armies and to consult new Modus Operandi techniques.

This is what exactly happened on these days on Perú, in the frame of government like the one of Pedro Pablo Kuzinsky, which is constantly encouraging destabilizing attacks against Venezuela. To that place got the new chief of the American South Commando, the almirant Kurt W. Tidd, to meet with the Defense Ministers and military chiefs of Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia and United States. All of them analyzed not just the advancement of great business promoted by drug trafficking in the region, but the military agenda also included what they define as the “severe Venezuelan crisis”, the uncertain Colombian peace process, the actions of the Paraguayan guerrilla EPP and the possible situations that may occur at the level of popular uprisings due to the application of FMI’s economical schemes. In their poor press communication the consulted spokesmen emphasized that it was also present the theme of the “humanitarian help” to populations of low resources. A screen that almost nobody believes.

It is no coincidence that this VII South American Defense Conference, with a strong Yankee presence, is produced a few days after President Donald Trump threatened with an armed intervention in the Bolivarian Venezuela and warned that the armies of the US are “everywhere, in the whole world”. If any detail was missing, in the recent tour of the American vice president Mike Pence through several countries of the continent, one of the main directives was to cut relations with North Korea, other of the irreconcilable enemies of Washington. This need was now explained in Perú, by almirant Tidd as a “logic and of common sense” aspect of the countries that are part of the “free world”, using that old euphemism of the Cold War time. It is no coincidence that in the hallways of the South Commando the names of Nicolás Maduro and Kim Jong are mentioned like the future “enemies to defeat”, something that is already being used as an objective or chant at the American boot camps in Colombia and in Perú.

Just as like everything has to do with everything, the Lima reunion anticipates the “gigantic” (as they are called by those who summon them) military maneuvers which are being prepared for November in the triple frontier of Brazil, Perú and Colombia. The codename for these exercises is “America United Operation”, and there, besides of American and Brazilian officials, officials from the neighbour countries will join, in active quality or as observers.
As we can see, long ago were those times in which an important part of the Brazilian army was vehemently against any Yankee intervention in the Amazonic zone, considered by the Pentagon as an “International Zone”(and even by some scholar textbook). Even in the Brazilian radios of the frontier the programs with patriotic phrases adverse to that possible intervention were common. Let’s not even mention the complaints of Bush and Obama on the weapon purchases of Brazil to France and Sweden, ignoring the offers made by Washington.
Now everything has changed. Temer and the most obsequious right rules with clear plans of imperial expansion, and this is why facilities are granted so that the military confluency with the US is something more than natural. Such is the impunity granted to the “visitors” that any felony committed against the local population will be exempted of any punishment in the host country, and neither the entrance of troops shall be treated at the Parliament. Even further, a high militar of the South Commando, the general Clarence Chinn, was condecorated by his Brazilian pairs and received with grandiose by the Amazonia Militar Commando.

To facilitate these maneuvers, that will last 10 days, it was announced the installation of a military international temporal base in Tabatinga, in the frontier of the three participating Latin American countries. To this base several quotas of marines shall arrived that will add up to thousands of heavily armed soldiers that will be deployed in armored vehicles, tanks and armed helicopters.

Tabatinga is in the limit of the Colombian city of Leticia and the Peruvian city of Santa Rosa, where, since months ago, representatives of the four armies are working on the territory and scheming installation plans that count with the endorsement of the South Commando. At the area personnel of the military Attaché of the United States Embassy in Brazil was also seen and a group of Colombian and Argentinian militaries, that would be taking part in this new bellicose adventure. As it usually happens in this activities, in the three cities “collateral business” will surely emerge to attend the demand of all these clients who, between drill and drill, between bullet and bullet, will pretend to have some hours of rest at the expense of some humble girls of the nearby cities.

It is not a minor detail that these future bellicose actions will happen in a moment in which all the Brazilian social and popular movements are shaking the territory claiming against the regressive measures of the government and also in the middle of a pre electoral offensive by former president Lula, who is also visualized as the only card of salvation in the struggle against the right.

Before this palpable evidence on how the North American exterior military policy is manifesting on the continent, the Lima meeting officiates a consult table of the maneuvers that will be held at Brazil but also of the next military exercises that are being prepared in several countries of the region. In all of them the objective is, without any doubt, to strengthen even more the regional control, to scheme a doctrinary apparatus to fight the bands or marras that operate in the big Brazilian cities (another monster that escaped from the hand of its creators) and while they are at it, to monitor any other critical mass event that is produced as a reaction to the governments of Temer, Macri, Bachelet, Cartes o Santos. As it is seen, nothing too different to the policies applied 35 years ago.


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