US Bioterrorism: Crushing Civilian Protest with Gifts from Israel

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Source: Ezili Danto / The Dawn News / July 22, 2017

“If all the member nations in the UN security council signed the Chemical Weapons Convention prohibiting the use of chemical weapons but they’re funding the militarized Haiti police using chemical weapons against civilian demonstrators. Then who will invade to stop the UN Security Council nations, the US-Eurasian-OAS-AU nations and the Zionists in Haiti from the chemical weapons attacks regularly unleashed – through their local militarized police – on Haiti’s unarmed civilian population and children?”– Èzili Dantò of HLLN/FreeHaiti


Woklo Lymozart, wrote:
“Here’s what happened at the road intersection – Kafou Tifou- today. The University students decided to organize a peaceful civil disobedience day for student protest in the continuing battle for educational reforms at the University and to continue to demand justice for Goug after Dean Yves Blot ran over him with his car on June 12, 2017 during a protest on June 12, 2017. The students sat peacefully since 6:00 am in the morning. Around 3:15 pm the police decided to crush them with bullets, tear gas and toxic water that gives skin rash. We publish this video for everyone to see and examine what’s happening …”– Woklo Lymozart, July 19, 2017 at 5:50pm

“Men sa ki pase kafou tifou jodi an kote Etidyan yo te deside òganize yon jounen jèn nan kad batay y ap mennen pou refòm nan anseyman siperyè epi kontinye mande jistis pou Goug apre dwayen Yves Blot te pase machin sou li jou ki te 12 jen 2017 lan. Etidyan yo te chita pasifikman depi sizè nan maten epi bò twazè kenz konsa,lapolis deside anvayi yo ak bal, dlo gratèl epi gaz lakrimojèn. Nou pibliye videyo sa pou tout moun wè ak de je yo sa ki pase an…”– Woklo Lymozart, July 19, 2017 at 5:50pm


Before the race soldiers in Ferguson Missouri, openly used these war tanks, chemicals and burning tear gas to neutralize the peaceful US protestors after the police-shooting death of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed Black American, I wrote “US Bioterrorism Against Haiti Civil Disobedience, US Crowds Next.”

The article is no longer on line. We had it at three locations, but they’re gone. The copy on our main website was destroyed due to a massive and sustained ddos attack that lost us our site. I suspect the international mafia and Israel predators then pushing rigged election for 2015 might know something about that destruction. I searched for the piece today because the chemical warfare continues as noted in the video above. I did find the old 2014 article on an Èzili mirrored site, not authorize by me which I didn’t even know existed, here.)

Haiti students, protestors to the occupation, the public in general and workers demanding a living wage, are the targets of these chemical war machines used supposedly for “riot control.”

A few days ago, Haiti students peacefully demonstrated against the fascism at the State University. The occupiers, led by the US through the UN-charity humanitarian front, said nothing as their trained henchmen, used chemical weapons on them.

Who will invade to stop the UN Security Council and the US-Eurasian-Zionist from the chemical weapons attacks on Haiti’s unarmed civilian population?1

The civilized nations sent their brutal, US-Euro-UN-trained and militarized police – the newest internationally financed Tonton Makouts militia in Haiti- to deny the peaceful protestors constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of speech, expression and peaceful civil disobedience.

This is obviously a crime. But, the UN Security council is made up of the most powerful nations on the planet – US, France, England, China and Russia. Their leaders are the people responsible for this international travesty in Haiti — for the sanctioned US occupation behind UN mercenary guns, rigged elections and the false benevolence of the NGhoe charitable industrial complex.

The five are the respondiat superior – the complicit war criminals who yearly renew their vote for the UN-MINUSTAH occupation and now in Oct 2017 for MINUJUST (aka the UN minus justice).

They’re legitimizing and funding those who train the Haiti militias – the local partisan, criminal forces to terrorize and murder peaceful demonstrators with chemical weapons from water cannon trucks. The bulldozer, chemical truck is made in Israel by Beit-Alfa Technologies Ltd (See also, Barbarians Inside and at Haiti Gates: Israeli HLSI and Eva Peled.)

It’s purchased by the self-styled “Friends of Haiti” countries committing war crimes and genocide for political gain and personal profit of the transnational corporations. Water cannon trucks spraying toxins, along with UN-imported cholera, regularly pollutes Haiti underground and surface water.

Gifts from Israel and the Obama-Bush-Clinton “Friends of Haiti” governments, routinely and with impunity, blast protesters, students and workers demanding workers rights with pepper gas, toxic green water dye and other chemicals which causes first degree burns and painful, burning skin rashes. Tear gas and colored fluid hurled from high speeds water cannon are devastating to eyes, skin, throat, heart, lung and respiration. Numerous Haitian children and babies are killed per year. Already famine-stricken and traumatized youths and adults get maimed.

Tear gas is prohibited in warfare. There’s a chapter 7 shoot to kill UN-MINUSTAH war mission still in Haiti. But it seems chemical warfare can readily be used on Haiti workers, babies, bystanders, and students who are peacefully protesting terrible conditions at the university or, for justice for Goug, a classmate. The latest student sit-in at Kafou Tijou, was also to demand justice because at another peaceful sit-down last month, the Dean of the University, Jean Yves Blot, ran his car over Goug and fled the scene.

Haitian Puppet Government Unleashes Chemical Weaponry on School Children
Here is another video showing the use of the toxic water cannon, on April 7, 2014, on mere Haiti schoolgirls not even involved in the university student protest, but just walking home from school.

The Chemical Weapons Convention bans the development, production, acquisition, stockpiling, retention, transfer or use of chemical weapons. Tear gas is a blister and choking agent that burns the eyes, mouth, throat, skin and can cause permanent lung damage when the gas is inhaled. Tear gas qualifies under the Chemical Weapons Convention as a chemical weapon.

The members of the UN security council, Haiti, and including the United States are signed the Convention. The US Senate ratified the convention , which took effect on April 29, 1997. (See also, Haiti Oligarchy: The Arab, Syrian and Jewish Mafia ; Haiti Cholera: A Biological Weapon For Organ Trafficking?; and Colonialism in Haiti – Guy Philippe and Jovenel Moise; and The Obama Legacy in Haiti.)

There is arguably an exception for the US to use tear gas in a limited number of contexts, such as for controlling a riot at a prisoner-of-war detention area. But it’s against both the Haitian constitution, the US constitution and international law to deny peaceful protests and the exercise of fundamental human rights, including freedom of speech and peaceful political expression.

The horrific geopolitical Haiti quandary remains:

Who will invade to stop the UN Security Council nations, the US-Eurasian-OAS-AU nations and Zionists in Haiti from the chemical weapons attacks regularly unleashed – through their local militarized police – on Haiti’s unarmed civilian population and children?

Ézili Dantò, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) and Free Haiti Movement, July 22, 2017

“The West has two faces. One evil.”


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