Caracas: Ronald Lumumba express Solidarity towards Venezuela before the Imperial Onslaught

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Photo: Resumen Latinoamericano

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / September 17, 2017

The son of Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba, participated this Sunday on the program “Sundays with Maduro”, in Caracas, where he convoked upon a strengthening in the relations between Latin America and the African peoples before the Imperial threats.

“It is necessary to create institutions between Africa and Latin America that function as permanent bodies. The attacks that Venezuela is suffering nowadays are not a random product, they are a logical consequence of the Empire”, he expressed.

He manifested his solidarity towards Venezuela before the international onslaught that the country is suffering.

Lumumba is in Caracas to participate in the “We are All Venezuela Seminar: A global dialogue for the Bolivarian peace, sovereignty and democracy”, installed past Saturday and that counts with the participation of delegates from 60 countries of the five continents. The Sunday program of president Maduro received them this Sunday.

Lumumba is the son of Patrice Lumumba, the first government leader of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He worked to achieve the decolonization by the hand of Belgium.

“Actions must be generated to face the threats of the American Empire”
By: Wilmer Horta / The Dawn News / September 17, 2017

Ronald Lumumba manifested that the Global Solidarity Seminar “We Are All Venezuela” must be exploited in order to formulate actions that tackle the imperial threats of the USA.
Lumumba precised: “I did not come here to make a speech, but to manifest the solidarity we brought from the African peoples. The people of Lumumba is for and with the Bolivarian people”.

He pointed that these sieges against the peoples that fight for their sovereignty “are not new; they have already happened in the times of (Patrice) Lumumba and also here in the land of Fidel Castro”.

Ronald Lumumba highlighted that it is necessary to create institutions that “function as permanent bodies” between Africa and Latin America, in order to deepen the emancipations of the independents peoples.

“The attacks you are suffering nowadays are not product of chance, they are a logical consequence, so we must not wait for the actions of others in order to act”, he emphasized.

The guest from the Democratic Republic of the Congo concluded: “You can count with our support and as you say: ‘We Are All Venezuela’”.
Patricio Lumumba was murdered by Belgian colonialist on January 18, 1961, after being detained , tortured and humiliated. He was shot and his body was dissolved in acid. With only 35 years old, he organized the resistance against Belgium. The Democratic republic of the Congo is one of the most wealthiest African nations, counting with reserves of hydrocarbures, coltan, gold and diamonds.


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