Nicolás Maduro: No Empire shall take the Political Power from the People

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Source: ALBA Movimientos – Venezuelan News Agency / The Dawn News / September 18, 2017

Before the attacks of the USA against Venezuela, the Venezuelan people will defend its sovereignty and self determination to prevent the taking of their political power, as stated by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.
“If they will judge us for our perseverance and historical firmness, let them do it, but we will not be overthrown, nor the Venezuelan people shall have removed their Revolutionary political power”, said the president on his program ‘Sundays with Maduro’, realized in the Waraira Repano Park of Caracas.

Maduro denounced that a discredit campaign against Venezuela is being promoted from Washington to justify the intervention with the objective of taking power of the petroleum reserves.

He assured that the global media campaign against the Bolivarian Revolution is sponsored by the international right and it uses communicational strategies on social networks.

“The time of the social networks has come, and they (the right) can handle it pretty well. We have to battle in that field. It is no longer about fighting in the streets, with a book or in television, which has to be given either way. We must now give the fight of ideas in the social networks”, he said.

While in company of Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, and delegates from 60 countries that take part in the global encounter of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution “We are all Venezuela”, he urged to the social and political movements to debate strategies that allow a better use of this resource in favour of the Bolivarian Revolution.

He added that another strategy of the right is to inoculate violence, as it happened at the beginning of the year, when the opposing leadership promoted violent events in the country that left a balance of 100 deaths and damages to private and public sectors.

“This year we have had the most brutal, bloody and painful offensive. 120 days of daily violence, in selected places with prepared groups and with a calculated global media spreading”, he remembered.

The leader thanked the intermediation of the Dominican Republic president, Danilo Medina and the former Spanish president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who promoted the reactivation of the dialogue tables during the week, a mechanism that will allow to achieve an agreement between the government and the opposition for the peace within the country.

“I believe in dialogue, I believe in words, in agreements that contemplate dignity and sovereignty because I believe in peace and we aspire that the dialogue table installed with the coordination of the president Danilo Medino and Rodríguez Zapatero comes out with trustworthy agreements and, what is most important, a permanent dialogue system”, he expressed.

He also thanked his American colleague Donald Trump for his support towards the dialogue table, after the spokeswoman of the State Department, Heather Nauert manifested that from Washington they “support serious negotiations to achieve the objective in good terms”.

He criticized the posture taken by the opposition leadership, characterized by a double speech before the international public opinion, while having denied retaking the dialogue process with the national Government.

“It is evident, public and notorious that there is an open, formal and serious dialogue between the Bolivarian government and the opposition, while Julio Borges (leader of the Justice First Party) dares to lie and say that there is no dialogue”, he denounced.


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