Statement of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, at the Summit of Solidarity with Venezuela

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By: ALBA Movements  / The Dawn News / September 17, 2017

I’m very pleased to be in Venezuela, it is a joyful occasion for me to share again with comrade Maduro, and with anti-imperialist leaders and social movements from all around the world. We’re never going to give up in this great fight.

I would like to have, like Maduro, President Trump as my campaign manager—because everything he says translates to a victory for Venezuela.

Our struggle is completely justified: we defend sovereignty and our natural resources. They use any excuse such as terrorism or drug trafficking, to invade and divide us. They have always wanted to divide us in order to steal from us. Venezuela is the country with the largest oil fields in the world, so it comes as no surprise that it has been targeted by the enemy.

I was very concerned, but when President Maduro launched the National Constituent Assembly we were pleasantly surprised and we saw from the outside that he has brought peace in the country with this initiative—that is the major takeaway. Now it remains to be seen what the lackeys of the empire, like OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro, will say about this. Now dialogue has begun with the opposition so that they can participate, because this is a democracy. The opposition has also registered for the regional elections despite Almagro’s order not to participate.

Truth always triumphs when we’re on the side of the people. This is a struggle for the dignity of our peoples. They will lie, they will create problems, temporarily, but the peoples will continue to triumph.

It fills me with profound emotion and joy to be in the land of Bolívar and Chávez and see all of our brothers and sisters of the world gathered here. As long as capitalism and imperialism continue to exist, the struggle will continue, because it is constant. I always say that if Fidel was able to win against imperialism, now that there are many presidents like us there’s all the more reason for us to win.

Media outlets have to have a revolutionary consciousness and also in social networks. I didn’t use to believe this but they are useful and we must also struggle there.

Brother Maduro, we’re not letting you down—no matter what the national, worldwide and especially US imperialism says. Whatever conspiracy may come, it will be defeated.

Let the right know that we have social leaders. They will try to divide us but they won’t be able to, because we have more consciousness. There will always be traitors or people who step down, but we shall overcome that too.

You can count on the people of Bolivia: we will never abandon the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.

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