The Bolivarian Venezuela is hugged by the whole World. By Carlos Aznárez

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By: Carlos Aznárez / The Dawn News / September 15, 2017

Venezuela is not alone against the attacks of its national and international enemies. Proof of this is the notorious success of the World Meeting for Solidarity that last week brought together over 200 representatives of 60 countries of almost every continent. The visitors, avid for first-hand information on the future of the revolutionary process, were able to listen to the President of the National Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodríguez, Chancellor Jorge Arreaza and Adán Chávez, who expressed their gratitude for the multiple actions in solidarity with the Chavista country that were carried out around the world–confirming the title of the meeting: “We All Are Venezuela”.

After a series of intense debates –where it was established that the current juncture for the Latin American continent, where the empire and the local right seek to take over the country and are taking an aggressive approach– the debate centered around increasing solidarity with Venezuela. One of the takeouts was the need to unite all of the initiatives that are being carried out in different countries. This is in line with Nicolás Maduro’s proposal to create a world march for peace and against imperialist violence.

The highlight of the event was the open discussion between Maduro and Bolivian President Evo Morales, one of the most loyal and active leaders of solidarity with the Venezuelan government and people. They spoke in the TV hour that Maduro hosts every Sunday to talk to Venezuela.

It was a talk between two friends who share the same dream and walk along the same revolutionary path, and face identical enemies.

The Meeting also featured guests who shared images and information about the activities of solidarity that are being held in other countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, which filled the attendees with optimism and hope.

The Venezuelan head of State vindicated the legacy of Chávez and Fidel, encouraged the struggle for socialism and showed his support for the Santiago Maldonado cause, the activist who went missing in Argentina after being kidnapped by Gendarmerie.

Cuba and Bolivia sent important delegations to the Meeting. The former was headed by one of the “five heroes” of the island, Fernando González, who leads the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples. The Bolivian delegation included over 70 peasants, workers, students and intellectuals.

Evo, with his simple and wise words, shared memories of fondness and admiration towards Commander Hugo Chávez, and remarked his warnings to Trump and his accomplices to stop the threats against the peoples of Latin America.

In turn, Maduro reviewed the work done in the last few months to try to establish dialogue with the opposition and find a solution to the anti-Chavista violence. He told the opposition to “stop lying to the people” and to acknowledge they are having dialogues in Dominican Republic. He completed the speech by showing photos of the main leaders of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), like Julio Borges, speaking to former Venezuelan Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez and her brother Jorge, who was appointed by the government to dialogue with the MUD. Achieving these dialogues is a victory for the government.

The Venezuelan President also used this opportunity to criticize a sector of the left, who has turned its back to the Revolution and fails to understand that this is the front line against imperialism and oligarchies.

Today (Monday 18), guests will have the opportunity to be informed directly by the Minister of Defense, Padrino López, about the measures being taken to counter the plans of the internal and external opposition. They will also be able to listen to Delcy Rodríguez and visit neighborhoods where power is being exercised by the people. They will be able to speak to the true protagonists of this revolution: the common people, those who the Che Guevara called the “vanguard detachment” in this struggle.

This multitudinous meeting has turned Caracas into the capital of solidarity, and was an opportunity for many of those who support Venezuela around the world to see firsthand that peace is reigning on the streets, thanks to the victory over the turbulent days of late July. No barricades, no violence, and no trace of the chaos created by the opposition’s fascists who murdered over 120 citizens in those days. On the contrary, children were playing in the public squares, families were strolling around, and the results of the victory of the National Constituent Assembly were palpable. Without a doubt, the revolution is moving forwards and deeper.

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