Donald Trump makes new threats against Venezuela and Cuba at the UN

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Evo Morales. Credit: Resumen Latinoamericano


Source: Telesur / The Dawn News / September 19,  2017

During his speech at the international organism, the American leader kept a threat speech towards the nations that opposed the doctrines of the leader.


The American leader, Donald Trump, participated on Tuesday in the debate session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), where he fixated his position regarding other nations.


During his speech, Trump made a call of conciliation between the peoples of the world, what resulted contradictory with his threatening speech towards those countries that opposed to the policies of his nation.


In the first place, the leader sustained that he is not thinking about uplifting the economic blockade that the American nation sustains against the Caribbean island for over half a century.


“We will not remove the sanctions towards the Cuban Government until fundamental reforms are made”, sustained Trump.


In the same way, while referring to venezuela, the leader sustained that the country is “at the edge of total collapse”.


“Like responsible friends, we have the objective to help them (Venezuelan people) to regain their freedom and to re establish democracy”, assured the president, not discarding future actions against the nation.


This attacks on the constitutional Government of president Nicolás Maduro have been somewhat repeated, specially after the Unite States decision of applying a series of economic sanctions to the Venezuelan leader.


On the other hand, this aggression speech was especially harsh on countries like North Korea, nation he affirmed he will be forced to “totally destroy” unless the Asian nation suspends its nuclear weapon agenda.


However, although Trump insists in that the USA “does not look to inculcate its life style to the rest of the world”, he considers that it is an example to follow.


“As a president I will always place the United States in the first place. You should do the same with your countries”, he entrusted, while he invited to work together, “in harmony and union to achieve a more peaceful world for everyone else”.


The leader also pronounced a couple of words for the Governments of Syria and Iran. According to Trump, the Irani government has turned the government into a country where there is almost nothing left.


“The people of Iran are more afraid of its own government than of the American weapons”, stated Trump.


About Syria, he affirmed that the government of Bashar al-Asad used chemical weapons “against their own people” and the empire that he leads launched his military attack for that reason.


Evo Morales rejects Trump’s speech at the UN


Source: Telesur / The Dawn News / September 9, 2017


Before his speech at the UN, the Bolivian leader offered an exclusive interview where he criticized the harsh words of the American president, Donald Trump.


“The United States’ president, Donald Trump, possess a double moral; he says he has sovereignty, peace and mutual respect, but he attacks and condemns socialism. He is the rider of imperialism entrusted with the destruction of anti imperialist countries”, said Morales in an exclusive interview for teleSUR.


In this way, the leader rejected the interventionist stand of the American leader.

“Venezuela has its democracy, elections have happened. It is important not to support the intervention”.


Morales also added that Trump “pretends to destroy the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution. The rightist Venezuelan militant are full of violence, and are surely funded by the USA and other businessmen”.


So as he exposed the Latin American rejection towards the interventions made by the United States, the Bolivian chief of state affirmed that in South America exists a consciousness that is not interested in this interferences.


“There are presidents that rejected the military intervention in Venezuela, like the Colombian one; there is a Latin American consciousness on the intervention. There is peace with social justice and sovereignty, and while the United States maintains the interventionist policies, there shall never be peace”, highlighted Morales.


Further on, he talks on the actual situation on Cuba, aggregating that any economic blockade to the island must be nullified.

“Everybody supports Cuba, and he must remove the economic blockade”, referring to Donald Trump.


Morales also informed about the environmental phenomena that has been unleashed on the last days, and on the policies that must be developed to reduce and limit the impact of these.


“All this consumption, exploitation and industrialization harms the environment, this is why it was made an obligation to retake the Paris Agreement and reach consensus, and that Trump withdrew from it, since he does not agree with it”.

The Bolivian president also expressed that socialism has been the right way for the emergence of his country, without needing any financial support from the United States. “The measure of wealth redistribution was applied”.


In the same way, Morales talks about the American ideals, and how they have been used to exploit the Latin American people.

“The independence of powers is a North American doctrine. The incapacity of syndicates to exercise politics is a North American value”.

He even commented on what would be the intention and true message of the 72° United Nation’s General Assembly.

“I will call for the humanity of the peoples of the world, as a deep reflection of what is happening in the world: financial, environmental and food crisis; to improve and fight the enemy of the nations, which is capitalism”.


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