The Celebration of the “European Union-African Union Summit” was announced

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Source: Sahara Press Service / The Dawn News / September 25, 2017


Brussels (Belgium) – The European Union and the African Union have accorded to name the next summit between Africans and Europeans, scheduled for November 29 and 30 in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), as the EU-AU Summit, affirmed on Saturday the Argelian ambassador in Brussels, Amar Belani.


“There was a convergence in the points of view of the EU and the AU about domination on the next EU-AU Summit to be celebrated in Abidjan on November 29 and 30 of 2017”, said in declarations to APS the Argelian ambassador.


This convergence between the Pan African institution and the European institution: “comes to frustrate the maneuvers and the pressure exercised by Morocco directly to the European institution or through European countries to exclude the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), the founding country of the African Union, whom Morocco has accorded to sit with in order to unite the Pan African institution, while ratifying its constituent act, without conditions and without reserves”.


A great delegation of the AU integrated by several high officers, like the vice president of the AU’s commission, Thomas Kwesi Quartey, and the president of the Permanent Representatives Committee before the AU (COREP), Sidibe Fatoumata Kaba, visited Brussels on September 16, 2017.


During their visit, the AU delegation celebrated working reunions with the conjoint preparation committee of the Fifth EU-AU Summit, the African Group of Ambassadors in Brussels and maintained conversations with the high officers of the European Service of Foreign Action (SEAE), including its General Secretary, Helga Schmid.


The AU delegation remembered to the European assembly that the format of the next EU-AU summit was decided after the decisions adopted by the African Chief of State and that it must include all the countries represented by the AU.


It was also said that the invitations to participate in the Summit will be sent to the 55 member States of the AU. The SEAE representatives have informed to their African partners that the EU will respect the positions expressed by the delegation of the African Union.


“With the convergence of these points of view among the two regional organizations, Morocco has been notified agaisnt any attempt to destabilize the next EU-AU Summit”.


Morocco has already had an humiliating setback in Maputo with the motive of the ministerial reunion on Africa’s development (TICAD-VI), celebrated from August 23 to August 25.


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