Calling to the “Continental Meeting for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism”

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Source: REDES Amigos de la Tierra Uruguay / The Dawn News / October 19, 2017

With the slogan “Not one step back! The peoples are still in struggle!”, social movements and organizations and diverse expressions of the popular domain we have been building a process of coordination and struggles against the offensive of conservative sectors and capital in the continent.

In 2016, we carried out actions in dozens of countries, which marked our reorganization after the Havana Meeting of November 2015, where we met to commemorate the 10th anniversary since we defeated the project of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). In this process, we continue to fuel our resistance and our proposal of a society that is based on the principles of equality, self-determination of the peoples, autonomy of women, workers, peasants, and indigenous peoples, and social and ecological justice.

As part of the continuation of that Continental Meeting we now convene the “Montevideo Meeting”, to continue to build and share knowledge on the characteristics of the present juncture in the region and in the world. We want to explore the way in which the logic of capital appropriates the life of people and the goods of nature, the way in which big corporations and powers benefit from the concentration of riches and the exploitation of the majorities, and the way in which these powers ally to attack true democracy and the sovereignty of the peoples.

We want to share, get to know and learn from the struggles that our territories are carrying out against the mercantilization of life, in resistance against transnational companies, upholding democracy and integration between the peoples as the answers. We will meet to share our experiences of struggle and resistance in our territories, our workplaces, our communities and all the spaces where men and women make an effort to build the world they dream of.

The “Continental Meeting for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism” will be held in Montevideo between November 16 and 18.

We invite all of you to come to montevideo to celebrate our victories, build our project and carry out unified actions of mobilization and struggle.

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