Statement from the First Caribbean Plenary of ALBA Movements

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Photo Credit: ALBA Movimientos


Statement from the First Caribbean Plenary of ALBA Movements Against the Colonial Domination and Plundering of our Peoples


By: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / October 30, 2017


In the context of the Seventh Assembly of Caribbean Peoples, we held the First Caribbean Plenary of ALBA Movements with the participation of organizations from Bahamas, Brazil, Cuba, Curazao, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Santa Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. This space for reflection and encounter arose as an agreement of the Second Continental Assembly of Social Movements Towards ALBA -held in December 2016 in Colombia- with the objective to rebuild the link between the struggles and efforts of Caribbean movements and other regions of the continent, recognizing that there is a gap that has been generated by the colonial civilizing model that was imposed onto us over 500 years ago by the hand of fire and blood.

The Caribbean peoples have struggled against the historical progressive waves of European and American imperialism. Now, we continue to be a rebellious people against a Western model of civilization which sustains its method of accumulation and reproduction on the pillage and loot of our lands, lives and bodies.

This is why the only option we have is to keep fighting to live freely, independently and sovereignly; and this is only possible if we unite all of our fights in the common flags of this battle:

We are facing a neoliberal agenda that commodifies the common resources of our Motherland, upon which began the so called primitive accumulation of capital that continues until today, and therefore we demand the reparation for all the pillage of our lands, lives and nature in general. We denounce the spreading of military bases as a way to maintain colonial control by force, like it happens in our beloved Haiti. We highlight the promotion of social, cultural, economic, juridical and institutional racism as a way to sustain power through the negation of our identity, while configuring migrational regimes as an explicit form of this negation, like the sentence 168-13 in Dominican Republic which removes the citizenship from Dominicans with Haitian lineage in the country. This domination order didn’t just impose nonexistent divisions with their modern nation states but also maintains direct control on a greater part of the island that remain colonies, like the shameful case of the heroic people of Puerto Rico. We denounce that imperialism condemns with coup d’états and blockades those peoples that raise flags of national liberation like in the Revolutionary Cuba and in the Bolivarian Venezuela.

In this common context of struggle, the organizations that met in this opportunity, strongly believe in the necessity of building bridges of communication, dialogue and exchange between all the peoples of the Caribbean to construct an alternative model of integration. As well as socializing inventive and alternative capacities of the processes of resistance and struggle with our brothers and sisters of the rest regions of the continent: the Southern, Andean, Mesoamerican and North American peoples, because a new project of integration from the people, ALBA, must be a synthesis of our historical struggles and analysis. Unity demands mutual recognition to reunite our hands.  

We also must place ourselves in favourable conditions to articulate with the peoples of Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania, because we understand that everyone is dominated by this capitalist, patriarchal, colonial, racist and nature predating hegemonic order; in this sense, we understand that it is fundamental for the voice of the Caribbean people to be present in spaces of people’s articulation like in the next International Assembly of Peoples’ Movements and Organizations to be held in Venezuela in 2018.

Finally, we denounce the Yankee imperialism in relation to the hurricane season that has battered several Caribbean islands. Phenomena of great intensity and consequence of the anthropogenic global warming which the current government of white supremacist tycoon Donald Trump pretends to deny. Also, it doesn’t take responsibility as the occupying power in Puerto Rico, while rejecting the international solidarity of Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico. The American government failed to give a quick and coherent emergency response, while increasing the suffering of the people. Delaying the re-establishment of the electricity service for the sake of their privatization plan, which resulted in numerous deaths. In San Martin during the crisis, prices increased. This shows how the Caribbean islands suffer from the colonial system; colonies have suffered way more in the hands of imperialists which count with many resources, that independent Caribbean islands which only count with the support of their neighbours.

In this period we must administer our force by prioritizing the strengthening of solidarity and by joining each local struggle, promoting national coordinations that are concrete spaces of integration and struggle. Unifying efforts in the battles that are currently being fought in the region like: the end of the blockade against the Revolutionary Cuba, the demilitarization of Haiti -the MINUSTAH continues-, the solidarity campaign towards Bolivarian Venezuela, which is being sieged by the USA, the struggle to eradicate the cabotage law in Puerto Rico. And the common struggle for the reparations to our peoples in three levels: climate justice against massive ecological damage -the recent hurricanes are a consequence of climate change-, reparations for the slavery of our ancestors, and reparation for the damage cholera has caused in Haiti.

This year we call on  the Caribbean people to organize workshops in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and in repudiation to Yankee imperialism for between the 4th of December and the 9th of December. The next year we will begin to work in a communicational and formative agenda to strengthen our struggles in the ALBA perspective as an integration project for the peoples.


Santo Domingo. October 28, 2017


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