USA, Brazil, Colombia and Peru launch joint Military Maneuver in the Amazon

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano & teleSUR / The Dawn News / November 6, 2017

Soldiers of the Brazilian Army during a training in the border with Colombia.


Soldiers from the USA and the Armies of Brazil, Colombia and Peru began a joint military maneuver in the Amazon region on Monday.

With the intervention of two thousand soldiers of the Armies of Brazil, Colombia and Peru the military exercise called AmazonLog 17 will take place, with the excuse of practicing actions in situations of humanitarian emergencies.

The activity counts on the support of USA and will be done in Tabatinga, locality of the Brazilian state of the Amazonas, where the installation of a comprehensive multinational logistical base for the coordination of activities is being planned.

In the act, there will be 1,550 Brazilian troops, 150 Colombian troops and 120 Peruvian troops, and on top of that observers of the Armed Forces of 19 countries that will integrate into the activity. The support of the United States in the operation generated controversy in Brazil when opposition parties to the Government of Michel Temer questioned this participation, to the point that the issue was debated in the House of Representatives of this country.

More US troops in Latin America: signs of an invasion

New Military exercise in the Amazon shines light on the resurfacing of US presence in Latin America

The participation of soldiers from the US in AmazonLog was debated in the House of Representatives after the leader from the Socialist Freedom Party (PSOL) Glauber Braga, warned that this measure could represent the possibility of a loss of sovereignty and the subordination of the Brazilian Army.

In October Glauber Braga also sent a request to the Brazilian Minister of Defense, Raul Jungmann, and to the commander of the Army, General Eduardo Villas Boas, asking for more information about the participation of the USA in the maneuver in the South American country.

The realization of joint military exercises in the Amazon region is unprecedented, but it is not the first time that the Armed Forces of Brazil have worked with those of USA.

Last year, the Navy of both countries carried out a preparatory activity for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with their eyes set on possible terrorist attacks.

It seems that USA and its right-wing governments plan to create a coalition to carry out military incursions against countries like Venezuela in the Latin American region.

Last June, the Government of Bolivia rejected an invitation to participate in these military exercises of the United States in the Amazon.


The Intentions of USA in the Amazon

Las fuerzas brasileñas AmazonLog cuentan para este ejercicio militar con 1.550 efectivos brasileños, 120 peruanos y 150 colombianos. Además, participaron efectivos estadounidenses.

They denounce that the intention of USA is to provide a space for the intervention of the countries with leftist governments, and take over the natural resources of the region.

The biggest military exercise operated by the Brazilian forces, AmazonLog 17, will take place as of Monday with the participation of the soldiers from Colombia, Peru, Southern Command and US National Guard.

Around two thousand soldiers installed in the triple border with Colombia, Brazil and Peru with the excuse to practice situations of humanitarian emergency until next November 13, in the region of Tabatinga, territory you can only get to by boat or plane.

Steps towards intervention

In an exclusive interview for teleSUR, the international analysis Ana Esther Ceceña explained how a military campaign executed by the Brazilian government and backed by the USA is an operation to end the progressive governments of Latin America.

Ceceña explained that “the objective of the US Army that is between Brazil, Peru and Colombia is to have a prepared position and leave a built up base so that in any moment where an intervention or response is required that could be a possibility generated by the pressures that the same US army generates in the region.”

According to Ceceña, the idea is that from these installations that are built in the borders, a possible intervention in the Venezuelan territory could be much easier and much faster, and presented, not as an invasion of United States to Venezuela, put as an action of combined forces of a region argumenting a threat to hemispheric security.

He added that “the armies of Colombia, Brazil and Peru would have the possibility from then to mobilize, in Venezuela like in Bolivia, a direct threat to those governments that are in some way confronting the hegemonic policies but also of those countries where there are enormous natural resources.

The Senator of Alternative Democratic Pole of Colombia, Iván Cepeda, declared in an interview with teleSUR, worried by “the growing militarism and interventionism in the continent in the last decade, and particularly in the Andean region.” “All of this worries us even more with the Trump administration, that has not saved us from any type of declarations and of pending actions further worsening the military path, the path of aggressions, the path of interventions in situations in the whole world,” added the senator.

The presence of the US military suggest some type of intervention, supported by the right wing governments of the Latin American countries, that look to own the natural resources of the region of Latin America, and finish off the progressive governments.



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