Social Movements of ALBA: Final Statement of the 4th Continental Coordination Meeting

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Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / November 14, 2017

This year marks 191 years since the Panama Congress, 100 years since the Russian Revolution, 50 years since Che Guevara’s assassination and 1 year since the physical departure of Commander Fidel Castro, representatives of popular organizations from the Caribbean, Mesoamerica and South America gathered from November 10 to November 12 of 2017 in Panama, for the 4th meeting of continental coordination of Social Movements of ALBA.


In recognition of Panama’s history of constant struggle and resistance, we chose their insubordinate land to strengthen the struggle of the peoples of the Caribbean and Our America in a continental articulation against our common enemies: capitalism, imperialism and colonialism.


We understand that the current moment is marked by the crisis of capitalism and by the deepening of the integral occupation of our territories, affecting the interests of popular sectors and the sovereignty of our countries. We are facing a context of global dispute that includes politics, economy, ideologies, cultures and communication.


This dispute intensifies the aggression toward our peoples, militarization, interference, repression against communities which fight for their right to land and housing, the imposition of multiple political-military encirclement like the Mesoamerican North Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) and the “Plan for Prosperity”.


The strategy of unconventional war applied by the USA against Venezuela suffered a political setback with the popular triumph of the National Constituent Assembly and in the regional elections, an example of the continental resistance to the imperialism that reigns over the region. We will keep defending the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela represented by the government of Nicolás Maduro and by the Constituent people.


We also strongly support our comrade Evo Morales in his new postulation in the 2019 elections and his continuity as the leader of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, a guarantee for the continuity in the change process, a necessary victory for popular and anti imperialist struggles throughout the continent.


We denounce the failure of the Colombian State to follow through with the Peace Process which manifests in the non-implementation of the Havana Agreements and the multiple accords reached with social movements, the obstruction to social participation in the dialogue with the ELN, and the absence of guarantees of safety for the communities, their leaders and those who remain in a reincorporation process, with a tragic balance of 137 leaders assassinated along with 37 members of the FARC, only in the current year. We maintain our commitment in militancy and in solidarity with the construction of peace with social justice, putting all our efforts towards supporting this important event for Colombia and the whole region.


We also want to highlight the historic legacy of the Haitian revolution for the independence of Our America. We reject the US intervention of over 102 years which keeps oppressing our brothers and sisters with the current MINUJUSTH, a disguised MINUSTAH, and demand reparation and justice for the victims of this criminal occupation.


We demand the immediate and unconditional closure of the economical, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba, rejected once again by the international community and peoples of the world in the last session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. We denounce that the new policies launched by the fascist government of Donald Trump deepen the multiple aggressions towards the Cuban people, a referent of dignity, resistance, solidarity and internationalism.


We are watchful of the electoral process that will happen of November 26 in Honduras, for the respect of the popular will and, the defense of democracy and sovereignty so that we shall never have another coup d’etat in Our America.


We denounce those submissive Mesoamerican and Caribbean governments that murder and criminalize the fighters of the people for their just demands to a dignified life: access to land, housing, health and work.


We shout with rage at the Guatemalan government and we demand justice in the case of the 56 girls burned alive in a public institution on March 8. They will remain present in our fights against the patriarchy and the violence women constantly suffer.


Despite these onslaughts on behalf of the dominant powers, the popular movements of Our America will keep up rising and projecting our unity for a counteroffensive on behalf of the people. This is why:


We salute and recognize the importance of the Assembly of Caribbean People held between October 26 and 30 in Dominican Republic and the first Caribbean plenary of Social Movements of ALBA with the participation of social and popular organizations from 19 countries, committed to boost the integration of our region.


We will be actively participating in the Continental Meeting for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism to be held from November 16 to the 18 in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, a scenery for unity between different continental coordination platforms to face the imperialist offensive.


We call the peoples of the continent to mobilize in rejection to the mercantilization of life thrust forth by the World Trade Organization that will have its ministerial gathering from December 11 to December 13 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


With the spirit of unity that characterizes us, we support the International Assembly of Peoples’ Movements and Organizations to be held in Caracas, Venezuela, between February 27 and March 6 of 2018 in Chavist lands. It is a process of international coordination that will gather people’s movements from all around the world to debate, exchange and project experiences of struggle and organization to diagram a global strategy for the people.


ALBA Movements places itself in the road of a emancipating process that has over 500 years of history in the continent, from the resistance of the native peoples, through the anti slave Haitian Revolution, the emancipating wars of independence, and until the popular revolutions of our days. Our commitment is to continue the legacy of revolutionary characters like Tupac Amaru, Bolívar, San Martín, Dolores Cacuango, Manuela Saenz, Jean Jacques Dessalines, José María Morelos, Francisco Morazán, Bartolina Sisa, Zumbi dos Palmares, José Artigas, Victoriano Lorenzo and many other who form part of our identity and horizon.


The fight must be fighting!

Unity, struggle, battle and victory!

Panamá, November 12, 2017.

Continental Coordination. Social Movements of ALBA.

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