What the media won’t tell you about the elections in Chile

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With Piñera, Chile will be the “Paradise” of the financial and business oligarchy

By: Leopoldo Lavín Mujica / Source: Rebelión / The Dawn News / November 10, 2017

While Chile is closer and closer to choose a president that is a stubborn tax evader and a dark business expert, who deploys his ‘know how’ under the complicit gaze of journalists of the media owned by the oligarchy, who also fund his campaign, the lid was blown off once again with another leak that reveals the gigantic extension and proportions of the corruption carried on by the global and national elites. This time the documents that prove the money deposits and transfers of the wealthiest people in the world in fiscal paradises, have been called “Paradise Papers”, just after the “Panama Papers”, which involved a Panamanian office specialized in money laundering.

These files, which were in the hands of Offshore Appleby, unveiled once again the procedures used by the global elite to get rich without working and to avoid complying with their main legal obligations. The outcome is illicit and speculative enrichment by the hands of this parasite classes, thanks to the financial globalization that responds to these kind of moves. This scandals show how the neoliberal elites ignore in a cruel way a fundamental matter of a democratic system: that paying taxes to the State (giving them as tribute to the society in which they act as capital owners and entrepreneurs) is a primordial citizen duty.

It is clear, tax evasion is a luxury fiscal sport for the business owner, athletic and artistic elites. To do this they rely on an army of tax advisers. To the point that in order to justify their corrupt practices, they compare the taxes that a grocer or a dentist wouldn’t pay with the millions that the Piñeras avoid in this world; the same that finance the campaign of the presidential candidate with contributions and the same that appear as the wealthiest Chileans in the Forbes magazine.

This kind of thinking is way too complicated for the journalists of the conservative media.

But as always, these mercurial lackeys, like Carlos Peña1, are terrorized when senator and presidential candidate Navarro threw some facts at the face of the candidate of the neoliberal oligarchy. Facts about the millions that Piñera and the elites that fund him avoided in fiscal paradises.

The right wing refrain consists in saying that Chileans live in the best of all possible worlds. That they are happy consuming… while being in debt; with precarious health, education and pensions they will manage themselves when Chile “grows” with Piñera (this refers to growth as a religious belief and thanks to the magic wand of the business candidate). That there is no better way to fix Chile in the XXI century than the Transition I. The conclusion of what was exposed before is that if extremely rich people are investing in Piñera it is because he will give them a safe performance. Everyone looks after their own personal interest, to maintain their freedom, says the simple neoliberal and Piñera’s own ideology which Juan Andrés Fontaine spreads through his editorial in El Mercurio.

And in a country where justice only allows the judgement of corrupt politicians by a closed votation of the Supreme Court, it is evident that with Piñera, Chile will be the paradise of the capitalist landowner and speculative oligarchy, which specializes in corrupt practices.


1 Carlos Peña got to the extreme of distorting the ethical thought of Aristoteles while saying that the greatest virtue for the Greek thinker was “courtesy” (this is the lecture he gives to Navarro). In other words, we must shut up before the powerful and corrupt, and respect them. Like he does. Peña ignores that for Aristóteles the greatest political virtue is “prudence”. But ask Piñera to be prudent… the imprudent man by excellence, subjected by his uncontrollable desire for money.

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