Elections in Honduras: As the Social Movements of the Continent we say “no more soft coup d’etats”, “respect the will of the majorities”

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Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / November 28, 2017

Photo: ALBA Movimientos

The Opposition Alliance against the dictatorship lead by Salvador Nasralla celebrates the victory in Honduras, after an oppressive, unnecessary, and badly intentioned delay for the definition of the final results, in an attempt by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal -TSE- and the coup-supporting right wing to hijack the elections, legitimize a process of fraud and give a blow to the will of the people that showed their position in the ballot box in the central american country.

Since the panorama has been defining itself, and since Juan Orlando Hernández has refused to recognize the results, the voices of the people and the leaders have denounced the attempt to commit fraud. They have called on popular mobilization to stop the (TSE), and they demand international solidarity and pressure by the International Observers to assure the guarantees of the process.

Everything indicates that it is irreversible and that the new president of Honduras will be Salvador Nasralla, as an expression of the unity in the diversity of the political forces that, after an after an internal process, defined to confront those who submerged the Honduran people in a profound crisis, in out of control violence, and exposed the riches of the country to looting and the pillaging of transnational companies, their internal accomplices, and attached them to the policies and mandates of yankee imperialism.

As Nasralla himself assured, it is necessary to take down the dictatorship of Juan Orlando Hernández to reestablish the country, save the institutions, and to work on the construction of a better country based on the necessities of the people and not in the interests and selfishness of a minority that exploits the rest.

From Social Movements towards ALBA we demand the respect of the will of the Honduran people expressed in the polls. We denounce the attempts to manipulate and the attempt to steal of the triumph of the Opposition Alliance against the dictatorship lead by Salvador Nasralla.

We demand transparency and respect to democracy and the legality of the electoral process and we demand to both the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the international observers that they hold up the truth and avoid fraud.

We also remember that Honduras was victim to a coup d’etat that overthrew an elected president Juan Manuel Zelaya eight years ago and that plunged the country into the profound crisis that it lives today and that it was, along with the coup d’etat to Fernando Lugo in Paraguay five years ago, the beginning to an offensive of the right wing and imperialism against the people of our continent, expressed painfully after against Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and most recently Ecuador.

It is very significant that it is precisely Honduras who retakes the path of triumph of the people in struggle in another moment where we are headed to new electoral processes that can be the recovery that the just causes need in the continent.

Venezuela has already given us another lesson in democracy and profound force of chavismo against every type of war to annihilate the Bolivarian Revolution, and along with Honduras, there are new electoral battles coming within Venezuela itself, in Brazil with the necessity of the victory of Lula, the reelection strategy of Evo Morales in Bolivia, the fight that the people give in the electoral dispute in Panama, to cite a few examples that the electoral battle will be marking the near future and within it the political panorama and correlation of forces on this continent can be reconfigured.

Against the democracy of the elites, real democracy of the people!

Long live the voices of the people in struggle!

Long live unity and the integration of Our America!

Alert! We will impede that a coup-supporting right wing fraude is legitimized in Honduras!

Long live the Honduran people!


Social Movements towards ALBA

November 28, 2017


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