National Strike in Honduras in Defense of the Vote and the People’s Victory

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Source: Radio Progreso / The Dawn News / December 14, 2017

Photo Credit: COPINH

Today by 11am, comrades in Honduras reported that the whole country is on National Strike, highways and public-ways have been blocked all over the country. There are at least 80 actions registered in 17 of the 18 departments of the country; thousands of people are mobilized in defense of the vote and the people’s victory and against the electoral fraud.


Below, the comrades from Radio Progreso explain the reasons behind the national strike and give an update on the situation in Honduras in the last weeks.

After 18 days, the mobilization and the denouncement have turned into the formula to struggle against the so-called electoral fraud. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) has not officially declared who will be the next president of Honduras, although its electronic system continues to give an advantage to the illegal candidate Juan Orlando Hernández, over Salvador Nasralla, the candidate of the Opposition Alliance against the Dictatorship.

The result of the tribunal contradicts what the citizens are expressing in the streets, where the shouts of Get Out JOH!! are heard from school graduations to football fields.

National Mobilization

In a press conference, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, the coordinator of the Liberty and Refoundation Party, LIBRE, called on the immediate and permanent mobilization of the Honduran people to

“Defend the victory of the candidate of the Opposition Alliance Against the Dictatorship, Salvador Nasralla, in crucial movements to avoid the disrespect of the will of the citizens, expressed in the urns last November 26, the day of general elections.”

“We call on the immediate and permanent mobilization of the towns, villages, centers and all of the corners of the country, until the dictatorship gives up the power that they lost in the elections on November 26. Our mission is to defend the vote, defend our victory and defend the convinced voice of the people until the last consequences”, stated the declaration read by Mel Zelaya.

From the Convergence against continuism, a national space created from diverse coordinating initiatives of the social and popular movements, and the independent organizations and organisms and private individuals, called on the people to participate in a national, total and permanent mobilization on December 15. A mobilization with all of the pacific and convincing actions that the Constitution of the Republic guarantees, until the objective of overthrowing the electoral fraud and dictatorship is achieved, and meanwhile begin the path that works towards recovering democracy and the rule of law.

Carlos H. Reyes, member of the Convergence said that the call to mobilization is correct, since everything is part of a strategy to disrespect the will of the citizens. Reyes assured that as a national space they are sure that before the discrediting of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, it is necessary to annul the electoral process and call for new general elections, supervised by an independent international tribunal.

Salvador Nasralla, candidate from the Alliance said “we are not giving up, we will continue to defend the victory”, this in reference to the mobilization announced for this December 15.

Nasralla took advantage to demand that the international organisms, who have been overseeing the process, inform all of the irregularities that they have seen in the process, “we hope that they take the necessary measures so that the winner declared is who won the elections.”

Territorial grassroots organizations in the departments of Atlántida, Cortés, Yoro, Colón, Santa Bárbara, Choluteca, Intibucá and Olancho announced actions; from walks, highway blockages, and political-cultural acts to denounce the electoral fraud.

The announcement of the mobilizations on a national level, is done in the midst of the fear of repression and aggression in hands of the police and military, who have been responsible of the violence that until today has left 14 assassinated, more than 800 irregular detentions, more than 50 injured and denouncements of torture, in this post-elections crisis.

Photo Credit: OFRANEH

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