Honduras Outraged: Renewed Mobilizations against Fraud

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Source: El LibertadorRadio Progreso / The Dawn News / January 6, 2018

Photo Credit: Radio Progreso

There was a strong mobilization last Saturday January 6 in San Pedro Sula. The people repudiated the electoral fraud and chanted “Out with JOH”. People came to the manifestation angry but in a peaceful way from departments of Cortés, Atlántida, Colón, Lempira, Ocotepeque and Santa Bárbara. They arrived from all around to realize a manifestation that for foreigners and locals was incredible; “JOH, you are getting out”, chanted the people.

“No more tolls, the three nearest booths of the corridor towards San Pedro Sula have been already destroyed, and if they build others, we will destroy them too. Businessmen will lose if they don’t respect the will of the Honduran people. They must know that in the north we won’t accept the further imposition of Juan Orlando”, said some citizens among the hundreds of thousands of outraged people, who shouted all together “Out with JOH”.

Salvador is the president that the people chose, Juan Orlando must get out of the presidency since Salvador won the elections of last November 26; the people have the right to insurrection, we will not rest one day, we will depose the dictator, we will go village to village, town to town, because Salvador won.

San Pedro Sula. “This human sea won’t be stopped by anyone”, said Honduran intellectual Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle in the middle of a crowd. The First Avenue and other avenues of the city weren’t enough to hold the quantity of people. The mobilization stopped the city and it was seen by the world, only the traditional Honduran media failed to see it, maybe due to their limited capacity of news coverage. EL LIBERTADOR was there to witness a historical event that brought thousands of Honduran people from the center, north and west of the national territory.

The crowd yelled “Get out JOH!” “FREEDOM!” and to claim for “JUSTICE!” for the 37 Honduran people murdered by the hands of government militaries. People arrived from the departments of Ocotepeque, Lempira, Atlántida, Colón, Cortés and Santa Bárbara. “This is amazing!”, said many representatives of international news media; hundreds of Honduran people walked this afternoon through the streets of San Pedro.

They took thousands banners of mourning since people in the protests have been “hunted” by the security forces of the State that Juan Hernández controls, another reason to repudiate the current leader. “United States: How many deaths is our democracy worth?”, said one of the banners, and among the biggest it could be read: “Go away you son of a b*tch”.

“That bloody politician eats what belongs to the people,” an old lady shouted angrily from Colinas, Santa Bárbara. “Let JOH and the yankees see that the people want real changes, we don’t want an imposed government and if they take JOH, well, we will be here for 4 years, we won’t let some burglars to steal the decision for the people”, said another protester in the sea of citizens that produce the 50% of Honduras’ wealth on an economical level.

A father showed the picture of his son killed at gunpoint on December 1 in the López Arellano colony of San Pedro Sula. The boy is one of the Honduran men and women killed during the days of civil resistance of the last month. The regime represses these manifestations of the people due to their refusal to recognize the illegitimate re election of JOH, since they see that the election was won by Salvador Nasralla. The Supreme Electoral Court committed so many felonies and irregularities witnessed by all Honduras that even the OAS declared that it is impossible to determine who won the elections of last November.

“I make a call to the international community to rectify that the true president of Honduras is Salvador Nasralla, the man that an 80% of the Honduran people chose in the urns”, said the opposition’s candidate, Salvador Nasralla, when he arrived to the multitudinous mobilization.

Nasralla also referred to the dialogue called for by president Hernández: “There is no dialogue, it doesn’t help, they don’t accept Edmundo Orellana, Julio Escoto nor Juliette Handal, so we will look for an international mediator”.

Illegal raids and persecution

The repression of manifestations and the killings have been complemented with illegal and violent house raids in residential zones on behalf of the security forces, “with an apparent purpose of detaining the protesters”, highlights the COFADEH (Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras).

“The raids were done in the zones of strong resistance and the biggest demonstrations; there they were abused and the Military Police maintains a level of intimidation; patrols at different times of the day and night, which translate into a demobilization pattern for the resilient population”, explains Mery Agurcia, lawyer of the COFADEH.

The report of COFADEH indicates that during the home raids, the most affected individuals were women: “In San Pedro Sula, a victim reported that military police entered by force, took her by the neck and placed a pistol on her head”.

Criminalization and judicialization

COFADEH reminds that in the last years a series of juridical reforms were approved “which gave emergence to new criminal definitions clearly aimed to repress social protest, among them the current reforms to the Criminal Code”.

Until December 30, 2017, a month after the general elections, the Investigative Police Directory (DPI) had detained 24 persons accused of illicit association, aggravated arson, illegal firearms carrying and misuse of police clothing.

The new criminalizations are added to the files “opened in the beginning of December, which added up to 117”, actions and criminal definitions which, according to COFADEH, are of a doubtful compatibility with the international law on Human Rights.

Sandi Mancía, wife of David Quiroz, a man who was murdered by the military bullets of a political class that bets on the violation of the law and the popular will to feed their dictatorial plan, says that she doesn’t trust the justice system “since we no longer have the protection of the authorities”, hence, she expects no punishment for the responsibles of the murder of her children’s father.

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