Venezuela Will Achieve New Victories

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By: Adán Chávez Frías / Source: Boletin Tricontinental / The Dawn News / January 22, 2018


We start 2018 with the conscience and optimism required to continue facing the coup attempts of U.S. imperialism and its allies. In these initial days of the year, the fierce international misinformation campaign on the situation in Venezuela has increased, in the context of a new round of talks for the peace dialogue between the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan opposition.

The purposes of the unpatriotic opposition and its external allies continue to be the same as always: first, to create the matrix of the need of a foreign intervention in the country, and second, to attempt the demoralization of our people.

Regarding the first purpose, it is necessary to continue denouncing to the world that Venezuela today is under the most brutal siege ever known in the history of our continent.

Following the overwhelming electoral and political victories of 2017 with which the revolutionary forces succeeded in defeating the fascist violence, a dangerous attack was launched in the financial and economic sphere behind which hides a grotesque genocidal plan.

Transnational economic groups seek to suffocate the Venezuelan State and annul it. What we are experiencing is not an attack against a government, but against an entire population.

In almost two decades, the Bolivarian Revolution has evidenced that it is a viable project of national liberation, with a view to socialism, sustained on peace, democracy and social justice.

The achievements are there, concrete, evident, in spite of the constant threats and aggressions of imperialism. And despite all the earnest problems we face in the economic sphere and which today become more acute due to the structural crisis of capitalism, we are still the only country in the world that assigns over 70 per cent of the national budget to social investments, in a context in which neoliberalism forces the governments to cancel their social programs and cut off rights such as the right to work, health, education and decent pensions.

One only needs to glance at what is happening in other corners of the planet – evictions, wage cuts, closing of public schools, dismantling of the public health system – to note the great difference between our project and theirs, that is, between socialism and capitalism.

The earnest and grave imbalances we have today in the economic area which are painfully affecting the Venezuelan people are the result of a whole financial international conspiracy, not just to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution but to attempt against our sovereignty and our independence. They need to impose here a puppet government that allows the plundering of the national riches and mainly of the oil strip of the Orinoco, which holds the world’s greatest oil reserves.

That needs to be said, because that is and has been the great purpose of the inhabitants of the White House since Commander Chávez first became president of the Republic, that is, since Bush, then Obama and now the fatidic Trump. That hasn’t changed.

They are now aggravating the non-conventional war by focusing on conflicts that are magnified through the social networks. We see how the extreme right managing those networks and the pronouncements of the National Assembly in contempt coincide in the conspiracy with the actions of the United States government. The traitors to the Fatherland are echoing their masters in the North. That tactic was already unsuccessfully employed in 2014 when the terrorist campaign called The Exit began, and its purpose is to undermine the governability and create uncertainty in our people. That reality is not to be underestimated, but we must not be trapped in the game of the demoralization. Conscience, organization and permanent struggle in order to continue achieving victories!

The Venezuelan State has ratified that it is in full capacity to ensure peace and the safeguard of the territorial integrity.

The merciless attack on the population’s psyche stirs up anguish and despair. Our noble, worthy and conscious people resist heroically, while the Bolivarian Government displays every effort to face the merciless attack of the commercial bourgeoisie that pulverizes the income of the working people.

Venezuela needs all of us, because the threat and the aggression is against all. And the supreme interests of the Fatherland must prevail above our political differences.

We cannot let them turn each one of us, all of us, into cannon fodder to unleash a fratricidal war that would lead to the neo-colonial restoration in our territory.

That is what the Trump Administration is looking for when they sabotage the dialogue. While the delegations of the Bolivarian Government and the opposition were meeting in the Dominican Republic, the Undersecretary of State for Latin America, Thomas Shannon, was threatening Venezuela with more financial sanctions together with the European Union. And following the script, the ultra-right again calls to violence.

By no means can we fall into the trap of violence, in the “Dog War” schema they want to apply to even divide the fatherland’s territory. We must all appeal to calmness, recover trust in the nation, in our ability as people to overcome any difficulty, as we have already amply evidenced along our history. Today, more than ever, I am convinced that we will be capable as people to grow, excel ourselves, and make our conquests abiding, better and everlasting.

We must convoke those who oppose us but love this Fatherland just like we do, to national unity, to maintain the national spirit, the national soul on high, in order to avoid what our enemies want: the combat of brothers against brothers, of people against people. We cannot allow the demolition of the nation-State and the destruction of the Republic. 

It is necessary to convoke the revolutionary and patriotic sectors to maintain unity in order to face the internal and external threats. Our Fatherland today is free and sovereign, and we will defend it with our lives if necessary. We will not move backwards from the advances and social conquests we have obtained, and we will never more be under the imperialist tutorship to decide our destiny.

We descend from a lineage of freedom fighters. We have an eternal commitment with them: to defend the peace, independence and sovereignty of our good Fatherland. Venezuela was once free thanks to them, and today and tomorrow it will continue to be free for them, because their example convokes and leads us, because their victory became ours, and it is our duty to make it eternal.

It is time to return to the roots that led us to initiate the first Socialist Revolution of the 21st century; it is time to keep our morals on high; it is a time for lucidity. Because there is one thing we are certain of: we will never return to the past!

With Chávez forever!

Long live the Fatherland!

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