Declaration from Social Movements towards ALBA: 24E, The Battle Against the Brazilian IN-justice

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Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / January 23, 2018

Photo Credit: ALBA Movimientos

Today January 24, the Fourth Federal Regional Tribunal of Brazil should resolve if it condemns Lula da Silva to nine and a half years of prison for a supposed act of corruption. According his accusers, Lula received an apartment in an unjustified way. Without a doubt this situation is not a legal process against a former head of state, but a political strategy of the Brazilian right-wing that uses its judicial arm to discredit someone who can stop the initiatives of the dominant classes and their anti-people plan in the coming presidential elections in 2018. One more time the reactionary and imperialist project is in dispute for all of Our America.

From Social Movements towards ALBA we accompany and we make our own this struggle of the social and political movements of Brazil against the institutional coup d’etat carried out against President Dilma Rousseff, committed by the most corrupt and reactionary political parties, servants of the empire. Now we raise our voice along with the voices of the workers of the South and we cry: Without LULA it is fraud.

In Porto Alegre a political, legal and communicative battle will be fought that without a doubt will define the electoral map of the next Brazilian presidential elections, since the ex-President Lula leads in all of the polls. We know that we cannot confide in a legal and political system that does not represent nor democracy nor the majorities and that has been exposed since the coup against Dilma in 2016. We also know that the “anti-corruption” discourses are an unstable and hypocritical farce that looks with one eye because neoliberalism is institutionalized corruption, it is the robbing of common goods and resources of the people to favor few, just as the Government of Michel Temer shows.

From our coordination, we have been proposing that the democracy is not only the exercise of voting. Democracy is protagonistic participation of the people; it is socializing the wealth; it is having a just and democratic legal power; it is having media that is not concentrated in the fists of the business class; it is having self-determination of the people and complete sovereignty when faced with the imperialist powers and the market. Thus we have been debating the restricted sense that democracy is permitted in our countries. We believe that representative, liberal democracy is not enough, but even that is not respected. This same minimum guarantee of participation is also attacked by local and global elites when the possibilities of winning are few. Competing electorally is their last option and what happens in Brazil is an example of that.

We call on all of the political and social forces of the continent to stand in solidarity with the plan of struggle in defense of democracy in Brazil and in defense of the candidacy of Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva. Since Lula is not only the candidate of a specific party, as he is not only the representative of a neo-development project -as he was in his first terms- today Lula has transformed into a symbol of resistance of the workers of Brazil and is the hope of the new anti-neoliberal cycle in Our America that strengthens the integration of the Great Homeland.

Even though this battle is strategic, we have the conviction that the struggle does not start or end in the institutions, nor in the polls since a corrupt political system and corruption can only be overcome in the streets, with participative mobilizations of the people where the voices that the hegemonic media hide can be expressed, of those that are persecuted by the “in-justice”, of those who are exploited day after day to make a group rich that every day decreases in size and doesn’t have a homeland or shame.

As the movements of the continent we say:

Without Lula there is fraud

More democracy for the people

Out With Temer

Social Movements towards ALBA

January 23, 2018

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