Italian Students Call to Stop Censoring Schools that teach LGTBQI Topics

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Leonardo da Vinci High School of Milan. Image Credit: Wikipedia

Source: Rifondazione / The Dawn News / February 1, 2018

Yesterday, January 30th, students of the held an assembly on LGBTQI issues with debates and film screenings. They exercised their right, enshrined in Decree Law 297/94, which invites to use assemblies as an opportunity for cultural and civil self-education on the problems and needs that emerge in society.

This worthy initiative, which fills an unacceptable vacuum, has been sabotaged by many: by the press, which has published sarcastic articles; by some teachers, who intervened in debates with destructive purposes; and by the headmaster, who issued a memo designed to discourage participation.

The Communist Refoundation Party (Partito della Rifondazione Comunista) and the Communist Youth support the arguments of the student committee and condemn every action of censorship on issues so important for the newest generation. Youth today finally have the opportunity to live in a world where homosexuality is not considered a vice and talked about in whispers, but they do not take this achievement for granted, so they discuss the issue, fight for their rights, and deepen the debate.

We denounce interference by the clergy in the Leonardo Da Vinci school as well as in other public schools, which inhibits freedom of expression and self-determination through the “anti-gender” crusades and undermines the principle of State secularism. In the same high school in 2015, a teacher was allowed to post a letter on the “unnaturalness” of homosexuality.

We reiterate the need for inclusive, open, diversity-oriented and equality-oriented education: after the withdrawal in 2014 of the Unar brochures “Educating for diversity at school”, nothing has been done on this topic.

Silvia Conca, Head of National LGBTQI Policies and Intersectionality – Communist Refoundation Party

Gabriele Belloli – Provincial Coordinator for Communist Youth of Milan


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