South African President Jacob Zuma Deposed by the ANC Party

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / February 13, 2018

South Africa holds its breath. After a 13-hour-long closed-doors meeting, the historical African National Congress (ANC) founded by Nelson Mandela gave a two-day ultimatum to the Jacob Zuma to resign and end his second term as President of South Africa, which was riddled with scandal. Zuma has been accused in 800 cases of corruption, has made bad economic decisions for the country and has been pressured by his own party since Cyril Ramaphosa was voted as party leader last December.

The goal behind this move is for Ramaphosa, who is 65 years old, to take over the presidency before the 2019 elections, in order to convince voters that he is committed to reconstructing the damaged economy of the country and fight against the web of corruption that has dominated Zuma’s era.

The Executive Committee of the ANC party has the authority to order Zuma to resign as head of State, although according to the local press there is a strong possibility that he will refuse to do so. In that case, the party might ask legislators to use their majority in the Parliament in order to vote on his destitution, thus clearing the way for Ramaphosa.

So far, optimism has influenced the market and the South African currency—the Rand—is getting stronger in relation to the US dollar. The man likely to become the new president of South Africa is one of the country’s richest people, therefore he is expected to adopt policies more favorable to private companies.

Opposition parties are demanding the ANC to discuss a motion of no confidence on Zuma this week and afterwards dissolve the Parliament to hold anticipated elections.

Zuma, who is 75 years old, was inaugurated in his first presidential term in May 2009 and he has always denied accusations against him.

Opposition parties and political commentators weigh in on Zuma’s recall

Source: Eyewitness News / The Dawn News / February 13, 2018


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