Bolivian Right-wing Rejects Candidacy of Evo Morales and Pledges to Mobilize on February 21

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / February 19, 2018

On February 21, the Bolivian right-wing opposition will try to dispute on the streets the decision of the Constitutional Court that allows a new postulation to the presidency by Evo Morales. Different groups of the opposition are calling for “actions of rejection” towards the president, both in the country and abroad, to demand the compliance of the referendum of February 21, 2016, where the NO to the re election won.

The social and popular organizations that support Evo will also mobilize on the 21st, while the coca producers will launch on the same day the campaign “Evo for  President”.

On the 47th anniversary of the Confederation of Intercultural Communities of Bolivia, president Evo Morales characterized the opposition as “the lackeys of the dictatorship” and assured that they “will never be able to retake power”.

“This political movement and the social forces are those who want nationalization while the right-wing wants to privatize; we must have this present to maintain the struggle. Since they are trying to recover terrain and power, but I am certain that with the strength of the people they will never be able to recover power once again to sell everything to the multinationals”, claimed the leader.

He granted to the social movements and trade unions the Bolivian struggle for dignity and sovereignty, organizations that then posed the construction of a political instrument which originated from the most “humiliated and hated” sectors with the objective of going from “resistance to power”, he sustained.

He questioned the “lackeys and agents of the dictatorship that now appear as defenders of democracy, how does that work? The heirs of the military dictatorships are supposedly defending democracy”.

In the same line, he said that the current “Bolivian right-wing” is claiming for the defense of Human Rights, when neither capitalism nor imperialism can guarantee the guarantee of human rights, because their politics is basically concentrating capital in the hands of a few.

He called the leaders to work with patience and effort to maintain the social movements unified, because there will always be “infiltrators, opportunists and some resentful”, but that division won’t prevail if the principles and values that sustain the process of change are maintained.

He condemned the “tricksters” and “negotiators” that only think in overthrowing the leaders that emerge with transparency, responsibility and who should be cared for and supported.

Evo is announced as Presidential Candidate

The highest leader of the Confederation of Intercultural Communities of Bolivia, Henry Nina, announced Morales as his presidential candidate during a speech where he highlighted the role of social movements.

“Under the 20-25 agenda which guarantees the total liberation of the people to their self determination, we claim our brother president as the 20-25 presidential candidate”, stated the leader.

Nina guaranteed the firm allegiance of his organization to the process of change and Evo Morales to his death.

On February 21, the organizations that take part in the National Coordination for the Change will mobilize in defense of Morales’ new candidacy to the 2019 elections.

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