Bolivia: Evo Morales proclaimed as the candidate of the people for 2019

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / February 22, 2018

Photo Credit: Gonzalo Jallasi

Massive concentrations of people in 6 regions of the country proclaimed Morales as candidate for the 2019 elections, demanded the fulfilment of the 2025 Agenda and repudiated the actions of the “slanderous” right-wing.

In La Paz, Cochabamba, Sucre, Potosí, Pando and Tarija, the social organizations showed their support for the change process and its continuity.

Int he concentration in the Main Square of San Francisco, city of La Paz, 200.000 people participated who proclaimed Morales as the presidential candidate to the polls of the next year.

Similar support was shown by 50,000 people in the 14 de Septiembre Square, in the city of Cochabamba. In Sucre, thousands of people (around 50.000) also showed their support in the Aniceto Arce Square.

In the Tinku Avenue of Potosi, miners, farmers, students and other social sectors gathered to say YES to Morales’ candidature. There was a similar scene in Tarija in the vicinity of the farmers market.

In the city of Cobija, the massive concentration took place in the surroundings of the German Busch square.

El MAS toma San Francisco entre denuncias de control de asistencia

The Chief of State thanked the support of the Bolivian people despite the offenses and aggressions on behalf of the Bolivian right.

“Last night (Tuesday) we saw over 200.000 people on television concentrated in Santa Cruz. I wanted to thank you brothers and sisters of Santa Cruz”, expressed Morales during the inauguration act of a coliseum in El Espino community, Charagua, department of Santa Cruz.

He also thanked the people of La Paz for the support of around 200.000 people that concentrated in Plaza Mayor of San Francisco. “Thank you very much, brothers and sisters of La Paz, for this support to continue with our current democratic revolution”.

He also thanked the mobilizations of Cochabamba and Potosi. “Thanks to unity, the Bolivian people have changed the social, economic, cultural situation of Bolivia in a short term”.


La Paz shows its support

A massive mobilization of 200 thousand people filled the historical square of La Paz from three governmental points: the National Bolivian Brewery (CBN), the Plaza Isabel la Catolica and the Plaza Maestro. The fourth point was in the Multifuncional in the city of El Alto.

The Foreign Relation minister, Fernando Huanacuni, and the Productive Development and Plural Economy minister, Eugenio Rojas, were present at the main stage along the main leaders of the social organizations of La Paz.

The presidents of the Deputies and Senators Chambers, Gabriela Montaño and Luis Alberto Gonzales, also participated.

The main act started around noon and ended around 2 pm. During the act, leaders of social organizations from all around the district took the stage.

La concentración se formó desde muy temprano y con distintos puntos de encuentro para llegar a la plaza San Francisco, donde se realizó el evento de proclamación.

Social Movements

Rodolfo Mansilla, executive of the union of El Alto, stated that his sector will keep supporting President Morales to keep him in office so that he can fulfil the 2025 Agenda, which seeks to guarantee food security and grant the basic services to the Bolivian population.

“The people are with you and with the process of change, we are proud that you are our president. We can’t allow the return of the right-wing, we will defend this process and assure the fulfilment of the 2025 Agenda”, expressed the head of the Farming Federations Council of the Yungas of La Paz (Cofecay), David Maygua.

Guadalupe Rocabado, also leader of the Cofecay, said that they will firmly defend the president who must rule even beyond 2025.

Mario Silva, the main leader of the Drivers Federation ‘1ro. de Mayo’ of La Paz highlighted the government policies that gave new roads that link and integrate the country, benefiting the transport sector.

He repudiated the actions of the right wing and affirmed that they will guarantee the election of Evo for the 2019 election.

Leader Andrés Flores ratified that the intercultural people is with the government and that the chief of State should continue the work initiated in 2006 and fulfill the objectives of the 2025 Agenda.

Ricardo Chambi, representative of the neighborhood councils, highlighted the achievements of the government and pointed out that the opposition has no proposals, implying that the only wise choice is the continuity of president Morales.

“We will defend our brother Evo Morales from the lying opposition while we repudiate the opposition that seeks to destabilize the government and its change process”, said to the journalists Erudita Quispe, executive secretary of the “Bartolitas” of La Paz.

Rosmery Suárez, a citizen of the city that arrived to San Francisco square with a friend, said to Cambio News that they went to the act because they consider that the politics of the government reach the most needy sectors of the country, and that it should continue this and reach the goals of the 2025 Agenda, the year in which Bolivia will celebrate its bicentenary.

The scholar Carlos Moscoso recognized that Bolivia is advancing and that it should continue in that line. He added that the government must continue to fulfill the promise of creating work for the youth.

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